6 Top Wine Clubs To Consider Joining: Which is Right For You?

We review 6 top wine clubs to consider subscribing to. Wine clubs and subscription companies are hot right now. Read on to see which of these top wine clubs suit your personal taste best based on niche, price, wine styles and other offerings.

Wine clubs and subscription companies are super hot right now. Wine delivered to your door? A thousand times yes. Read on to see which of these popular wine clubs suit your personal taste best with our quick review.

Plonk Wines

Niche: Wine drinkers looking to experiment with new varieties and regions.

Plonk Wine is a great monthly wine club that will take you out of your wine rut while remaining in your wine comfort zone. Wine specialists will take your favorite styles and send similar wines made by smaller producers, as well as lesser-known grapes and regions.

What you get: Choose from all red, all white, or a mix. You can choose from four or 12 wines that are curated for you by a wine specialist. As an example, if your go-to is Willamette Pinot Noir, you might get a Zweigelt or another similar-style wine. The wines come with an educational write-up as well as pairing options.

Price: $110/4 bottles or $285/12 bottles

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Dry Farm Wines

Niche: People who love wine but are looking for natural products with low-to-no additives and a lower ABV.

Dry Farm Wines is disrupting the system with their wine club approach. The company focuses on health benefits and markets to people on specific diets (like keto and low-carb) while also championing small, organic and biodynamic wineries.

What you get: Six or 12 wines monthly or bi-monthly. Customers have a choice of red, white, rose, or mixed boxes.

Price: $159/6 bottles $299/12 bottles

Wine Society

Niche: Winedrinkers on the hunt for approachable, easy-drinking canned wines. All levels of wine knowledge welcome.

Wine Society saw the canned-wine trend taking off and wine clubs gaining popularity and is knocking it out of the park by intertwining the two movements. They created a quiz to find the best wines to fit each customer. All wines are Napa made.

What you get: A three-pack or 9-pack of 500ml cans

Price: $37/3 pack or a one-time purchase of a 9-pack variety box is offered at $99.


Niche: Winelovers with specific tastes but are looking to branch out.

Winc has a really interesting business model. Customers are asked to answer a few questions about their wine preferences, tailored wine cases are sent and then the consumer rates each wine as they enjoy them so that each delivery hones in closer and closer to their specific tastes.

What you get: Four bottles of your choice between red, white, rose or a mix.

Price: $52/4 bottles but discounts are offered to subscribers often


Niche: The conscious wine drinker who wants to know the farmers who made their favorite sips. Also, wine drinkers looking for great bargain wines.

Empathy beats out the middleman, taking wine directly from the winery and delivering it to the consumer. By circumventing the three-tiered system the price for the consumer is lower. They work with wine farmers throughout California and shine a spotlight on them by including “get to know your farmer” cards with the wine shipment.

What you get: A mix of your choice between reds, whites, rose, or a mixture. The typical delivery schedule is three times a year and you can choose the number of bottles per shipment.

Price: $81/3 bottles, $150/6 bottles, $240/12 bottles

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Niche: Wine drinkers with discriminating taste and want easy access to the crème de la crème of bottlings.

Firstleaf has rigorous standards in choosing the wines they represent with most wines scoring very highly across scoring panels. Clients take a quiz to focus on the types of wine they enjoy and then a wine specialist curates your box. As you are savoring your case, you have a wine concierge at the ready to answer any questions and to help to form your next case based on your feedback.

What you get: Along with your wine is a newsletter containing everything from information about the wines in your case to articles, recipes, etc.

Price: Introductory pricing is $40/6 bottles but goes up after that initial offer.

More Wine Club Options and Inspiration

Plenty of other wine clubs exist along with many individual wineries who offer wine club subscriptions themselves. See below for some of our favorites.

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DAOU Vineyards and Winery – Big Bold Reds from Paso Robles

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Do you have a favorite wine club? Let us know in the comments!

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