Charlie Santos-Buch

Co-Founder & Chairman

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  • Accolades: Private Equity, Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Favourite Grape
    Anything in a Bordeaux Blend & Chardonnay
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    Travel Tip:
    Plan you trip in advance to avoid wasting time when you are on-site; always be ready to adapt and be flexible as your schedule may change.
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    Goal :
    Wine and travel trips to France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand.

Charlie Santos-Buch is a Co-Founder at Winetraveler and frequent global business traveler. He has visited over 30 countries, with his travel style and content focus being both business and luxury-oriented, highlighting experiences and travel strategies that tend to focus more on the Baby Boomer demographic. Charlie is also a partner at AE Industrial Partners, LP, a private equity group managing over $3 billion in assets; Chairman and CEO of Compact Container Systems, LLC, an early stage designer and manufacturer of specialty marine foldable containers. He has over 40 years of investment banking and private equity experience; a Harvard University AB degree with honors in history and attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennslyvania majoring in finance and management.

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