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Winetraveler is the leading global wine travel publication for the adventure traveler with a passionate palate. Go wine tasting by uncorking in-depth travel guides to wine regions written by our team of experts and locals. Discover city guides to help you explore the best restaurants, wine bars and activities. Go off-the-beaten-path and beyond wine, learn about unique things to do and experiences that are connected to culture, time and place.


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We believe that wine is a unique engine that awakens all of our senses when we travel. The beverage guides us to unique destinations, experiences and people we may not otherwise have encountered, and could never forget. Wine may be complex, but travel shouldn’t be. Here’s what the #Winetraveler is actively reading and booking.

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Welcome, intrepid urban Winetravelers! Our specially curated collection of trending city guides are designed to fuel your wanderlust and make your city-hopping dreams a reality. Let us be your trusty companion as you embark on unforgettable journeys, navigating vibrant streets, hidden gems, and storied pasts of these bustling metropolises and quaint villages. With our comprehensive guides, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of your visit – from seamless transit options to unmissable attractions, gastronomical delights to exquisite wine tastings, world-class museums to awe-inspiring archeological sites. Often, we include day-trip options to nearby wine regions. Dive in and let your next great adventure begin.