15 Essential Wine Accessories & Gifts for the Wine Traveler

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Last Updated: August 6, 2023
Best Wine Travel Accessories and Gifts - Wine Suitcase, Wine Protectors, Wine Glasses, TSA Corkscrews & More | Winetraveler.com

With wine tourism on the rise, there is a huge market for travel accessories, specific to this kind of journey. There are all sorts of niche tourism trips, focusing on things like architecture, art, food, adventure, wellness etc.—but enotourism is taking the travel world by storm!

The fact that this website exists is a prime example. It makes perfect sense—vineyards are gorgeous places to visit and most are set up with outdoor spaces to take in the sights and vistas. Outdoor games have become a norm as well, which is perfect for family travel. Many vineyards and wineries have tasting rooms that include light fare to go with your wine flights.

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A lot of wineries have fine dining restaurants as well. Some wineries have bicycles to take around the vineyards—I have even been to a winery (Denbie’s in Surrey, England) that has vineyard train tours. All these things factor into a fun travel adventure, but the simple fact is, people want to learn about wine. Consumers are exploring wines rather than getting comfortable with one or two brands. They also want to be well informed. When you learn about wine, you are learning about geology, history, chemistry, viticulture, viniculture, business and palate training.

Wine travel is a perfect marriage of beautiful natural setting, social interaction, education and of course food and wine. The best part is there are vineyards all around the world, so each trip can be a totally different cultural experience. Wine travel offers a boost to the region you are visiting, plus you are supporting a winery. Here are a few items that will make your wine travel seamless.

The Best Wine Gifts and Accessories for Wine Lovers
Pro Tip: Utilizing the right wine glass can dramatically improve your wine tasting experiences.

Essential Wine Accessories & Gifts For Travel Enthusiasts

The Wine Suitcase

Obviously, after you learn about a wine and get to know the winery and vineyard from the inside out, it only makes sense to bring some of your trip home. The VinGardeValise wine suitcase is the safest and easiest way to bring home your bottled memories. It fits an entire case of wine and is suited for easy travel.

Only planning on bringing a few bottles home?  This Neoprene Bottle Protector is a great alternative.  It holds two bottles and easily fits in a suitcase. You can even opt to get it personalized if it’s a gift. This doubles as a useful way to bring wine to parties and dinners as well. The WineSkin is another option—it lays flat and barely takes up any room in your bag, until you blow it up to keep a bottle safe during transit.

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The Right Wine Glasses

Utilizing the correct, lead-free wine glass while wine tasting can often make or break your experience. Red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and even dessert wines all taste that much better when consumed out of a glass that can optimize aromas, drinkability and aeration. For red wines, consider using a glass with a wide base and tighter rim, like these hand-blown burgundy glasses. This will let the wine open yet narrow the opening helping to concentrate aromas when you take a sniff. For whites, use these elegant “Bordeaux style” glasses. For sparkling wines, there’s an ongoing debate about whether a flute or a wider rim is the better choice. Proponents of the flute argue it’s better for keeping bubbles lasting longer, while others prefer the wide rim so they can get their nose into the wine. Lastly, for dessert wines consider these beautiful Port-style glasses designed by Riedel.

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Collect Wine Labels

Another way to bring home these memories, (and a good way to remember what you liked, for future purchases) is to bring the labels home. These Label Lifts by Oenophilia are super-easy to use.  For ultimate organization, this Wine Tasting Journal is a stylish way to keep all of your labels in one place. There is space on each page for notes as well, so you can easily bring to mind what you liked/didn’t like about a wine.

Keep Your Wine Cool and Protected while Traveling

After hitting the wine trail, you will likely have a bunch of goodies to share. The 6-Bottle Canvas Weekend Wine Bag is a stylish way to bring some wine to a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. There is an ice pack to keep whites and rosés cool.

Made with two unique types of Kevlar and Dyneema, the Vinarmour Wine Carrier is comprised of the same materials used in protective body armor, it distinguishes itself as the only puncture and leakproof wine bag on the market. Puncture and leak protection is crucial when traveling with wine, ensuring your precious bottles remain intact and free from spills. With its extraordinary versatility and chic design, the carrier is a worthwhile investment for wine enthusiasts. The Vinarmour Wine Carrier is more than just a functional accessory; it doubles as a sophisticated tote for daily use, while maintaining your wine’s temperature twice as long as neoprene, substantially elevating your wine travel experience with superior style and quality.

These adorable Wine Thermos and Glasses (with lids!) are the ultimate way to enjoy your wine outdoors. They keep wine cool, while also keeping bugs and sand out! The lid keeps spills at bay while enjoying a glass on uneven terrain.

TSA Approved Corkscrews

How many times has your wine opener been confiscated by the TSA? Not a problem anymore, with the Jetsetter TSA Approved Wine Corkscrew. Now you can keep it handy in your purse and not worry about it while packing.

After swishing wine around your mouth, you might be left with “zombie mouth” (lips, gums and teeth, all stained black). You certainly don’t want to head off to dinner that way (or anywhere for that matter), so these handy Wine Wipes are a must-have! They fit right in your purse or pocket.

The Wine Fridge

Wine storage plays a critical role in the quality of wine you’re drinking. Think about it. Most of the time, wine is shipped across the ocean or trucked across the country to sit in a warehouse or wine shop for months at a time. If the temperature is too warm, the wine will not be what it once was when it left the winery. The same can be said for storing your wine at home. It’s critical that it remains at a cool, consistent temperature so the taste is optimal when you pop the cork. We use this dual-zone 51 bottle wine refrigerator at home to preserve our wine. One zone can be set to a lower temperature for whites and sparkling wines, while the second zone can be set slightly higher for reds.

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Start Your Journey

You can explore the world of wine from your couch by perusing this site. If you are not planning a trip any time soon, keep it local! Make a weekend plan with some friends to visit some wineries close by. Winetraveler is a great resource for inspiration. Wherever wine takes you, the most important accessory is a designated driver. There are many wine tour groups that have busses or even limos to take you from place to place safely.

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