Audarya® looks to the tradition, with a new look, we make wines tied to the territory, with native grape varieties, but modern, for a spirited and curious public.


Tasting of 4 wines out of the Audarya Line: Vermentino, Nuragus, Rosato, Monica, Cannonau, accompanied by local food.

By Comparison
Tasting of 4 wines: Vermentino Audarya – Vermentino Camminera, Cannonau Audarya, Nuracada, accompanied by local food.

Tasting of 4 wines out of the Select Line: Camminera (Vermentino), Bessìu (Dry Wine from Nasco Grapes), Estissa (Dry Malvasia), Nuracada (Bovale), Bisai (Dessert Wine from Nasco Grapes). Paired with local food.

Sunset Tasting (Seasonal)
Sample the same wines during sunset from June to September at 6:30 p.m.

Tasting Price: €27/€35/€42 per person


Wine tours at Audarya start in the vineyards, in the beautiful valley of Serdiana. Then we visit the production and winemaking area, the barrel room and we close with the wine tasting in our beautiful tasting room or terrace.


This winery offers a variety of wines paired with food.

This winery is known for and popular with consumers for its Great Service and friendly staff.

This winery is known for its Great Views on the property.

This winery is popular among visitors for its outdoor patio. Sip and swirl your wine while enjoying a beautiful patio setting.

This winery offers small plates of food during wine tastings. Typically in the form of cheeses, meats or small sandwiches. 

This winery offers wine tastings on the property either by walk-in or appointment.

This winery offers wine tours on their property. Either of the winery facility, vineyards and/or cellar space.

Wine Styles

  • Dessert Wines
  • Dry Red Wines
  • Dry White Wines
  • Red Wines
  • Sweet Wines
  • White Wines
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