Gayle Corrigan

With a MBA in accounting from Boston University, Gayle has held various roles as CFO, VP, director, and chief of staff of corporations in the US and Russia, as well as several municipalities around the state of Rhode Island, most recently directing her own staffing and consulting business. Her journey into the world of wine was inspired by an experience on a summer abroad program in 1989. While studying the Russian language in the USSR, Gayle was invited to a feast prepared by gracious students from what was then the Soviet Republic of Georgia, now the country of Georgia. These friendly Georgians prepared heaps of delectable foods and served wines unlike anything she had ever tasted. More incredible, these wines were homemade, and they relayed the fact that most people in Georgia make their own wine. The generosity of spirit of these Georgians and their extraordinary wine, was never forgotten. During many stints living and working in Russia, Gayle met colleagues with family in Georgia, and became reacquainted with the culture. Looking for a new venture, she met with Georgians and Ukrainians eager to export wine to America. Through extensive travel and education, Gayle’s goal is to introduce Georgian and Ukrainian wines to American palates.

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