Jeff Bareilles

Writer, Hospitality Consultant, Sommelier & Custom Cocktail Developer

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    100+ Annually
  • Accolades: Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine, David Kinch’s Manresa: An Edible Reflection, Andrea Nguyen's, The Pho Cookbook (James Beard Award Best Signal Subject 2018), Philippe Allante and Sophie Brissauad’s documentary Happiness is on the Plate. Featured Publications: Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast,, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, GQ
  • Favourite Grape
    Chenin Blanc & Cabernet Franc
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    Travel Tip:
    Use Sensitive Enamel Repair Toothpaste
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    Goal :
    Write, direct and produce Food & Wine related media full-time

Jeff blends wine, spirits, food, people, and places that create exciting and unforgettable experiences. As a hospitality consultant, writer and photographer, he's contributed to The Food Lover's Guide to Wine; The Pho Cookbook (James Beard Award Best Signal Subject 2018); Manresa: An Edible Reflection; Happiness is on the Plate: Episode #1; Wine Spectator; Wine Enthusiast; The Wall Street Journal; San Francisco Chronicle; and GQ Magazine. And like wine, he loves to share insider suggestions and recommendations for your next wine and food adventure.

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