Each guest receives a complimentary tasting of four sparkling wines.

Tasting Price: No fee


Join us for our Premium Tour and Tasting during June, July, or August.

Sparkling enthusiasts will get a once in a lifetime experience at the winery to be a sparkling winemaker for the day. Guests will spend one-on-one time with the winemakers in a behind the scenes tour of how sparkling wine is produced. Guests will have the opportunity to disgorge (finish) their own bottle of sparkling wine with the help of the winemaking team. Concluding the tour and personal disgorging session, guests will finish this exclusive event with a seated tasting of four premium sparkling wines that were selected by the winemaking team.

Questions are more than welcome on this tour and tasting, as this will be a one of a kind educational experience for our guests. To sign up, visit our website at www.trevericellars.com.

Tasting Price: $50


This winery offers Cheese Platters at the tasting room or restaurant.

This winery is known for its Great Views on the property.

This winery is popular among visitors for its outdoor patio. Sip and swirl your wine while enjoying a beautiful patio setting.

This winery offers small plates of food during wine tastings. Typically in the form of cheeses, meats or small sandwiches. 

This winery is popular for its vineyard views.

This winery offers wine tastings on the property either by walk-in or appointment.

Wine Styles

  • Sparkling Wines
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