5 Essential Restaurants to Eat and Drink at in Vancouver

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Last Updated: April 7, 2024

Stretching along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and tucked along the edges of centuries-old rainforest, Vancouver is a young city defined by its natural geography in ways unlike any other. It’s known by many names: Lotusland in reference to Homer’s Odyssey, the City of Glass from a Douglas Coupland novel, and Hollywood North thanks to a few seasons of the X-files and oodles of films.

Vancouver is a port city that came of age in the prohibition era and grew up into a diverse urban center with much to offer, including a burgeoning culinary scene and wine culture. Destination or layover, Vancouver is where you want to spend a few hours or days to eat and drink your fill. Lucky for us, there’s the annual Vancouver International Wine Festival as one reason to visit and explore.

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For more than four decades the Festival has brought together wineries from around the globe and each year features a different region or country. This year is California, holding center stage with almost a third of the 160 wineries attending. More than 25,000 people descend on the Festival and by proxy Vancouver, in search of food (and drink) to sustain them over eight days of wine tastings, seminars, and workshops. This city offers hundreds of restaurants of all kinds to fortify one’s self and no choice is wrong when discovering them, but a tour guide can come in handy. Happy adventuring.

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A sampling of food and wine options at Nightingale in Vancouver. Image courtesy Jeannette LeBlanc.

5 Best Restaurants to Eat and Drink in Vancouver

Chewies Oyster Bar

Chewies Oyster Bar is ideal for southern inspired eats and deliciously fresh oysters from around British Columbia, Washington, the Atlantic, and PEI plus a delectable wine list with bubbly BC treasures like Bella Gamay Noir Rosé and Evolve Effervescence.


Nightingale for an impeccable menu by chef David Hawksworth and team that includes small and large shared plates of bone marrow, pork cheeks, and fennel salsa verde among dozens of others and a spectacular wine list with glasses and bottles served at exactly the right temperature – because details.

Forage Vancouver

Forage Vancouver for its original and continued commitment to working with producers who focus on sustainable food and drink, and creating such memorable dishes as Vietnamese style bison carpaccio and lamb neck fettucine while dedicating their entire wine list to 100% British Columbia wines – truth.


Suyo Modern Peruvian shines as a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of Peru, led by Lima-born Chef Ricardo Valverde. This establishment clinched the gold in Vancouver Magazine’s 2023 Best New Restaurants, celebrated for filling a much-needed niche in the city’s diverse dining scene. Suyo dazzles with dishes that blend traditional Peruvian flavors with modern twists, like the ensalada rusa, a vibrant beet and parsnip salad adorned with smoked mayo, and the pork belly chicharron, paying homage to the Peruvian breakfast sandwich with polenta tamal and yam puree. This spot not only highlights the breadth of Peruvian cuisine but also its depth, making it a must-visit for those looking to explore the culinary delights of South America in the heart of Vancouver​.


Folke takes a different approach, securing the silver spot with its celebration of the vegetable. Located in the vibrant Kitsilano neighborhood, Folke is lauded for its creative approach to plant-based cuisine. Here, guests can indulge in unique offerings such as tapioca dumplings with mushroom XO sauce and ponzu, and pizzoccheri pasta with potato, cabbage, and shio koji. This restaurant proves that vegetables can be the star of the show, providing a feast that’s as delightful to the palate as it is to the planet.

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