Island Getaways: 5 Luxurious Caribbean Destinations for a Honeymoon

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Last Updated: June 21, 2023
Island Getaways: 5 Luxurious Caribbean Destinations for a Honeymoon

If you’re planning a honeymoon and interested in enjoying warm sun, sand, romantic views, and (of course) wine with your new spouse, look no further than a tropical getaway! If you’re looking for an escape that lets you bring adventure, romance, and excellent dining and beverage experiences together, look no further than an all-inclusive escape on one of our favorite tropical islands. Not sure which island is right for you? Here are five perfect Caribbean destinations that make for the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon getaway.

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Curaçao Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

If you and your loved one love aquatic experiences, Curaçao is second to none for diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and boating. With more than 65 dive sites surrounding Curaçao’s pristine beaches, this honeymoon destination is filled with all of the wonders of the sea. 

Culturally speaking, Curaçao was once a Dutch colony, and its cities, such as Willemstad, boast old-world charm that combine Dutch architecture, Caribbean nightlife, and superior walkability and biking. It truly gives honeymooners the best of both worlds, with European charm and untouched beaches in one small radius. The new opulent and all-inclusive Sandals Royal Curaçao opened on June 1st, 2022, and makes for the perfect honeymoon home base this year and beyond.


Grenada Island Waterfall

Known as “The Island of Spice,” Grenada has a rich history as a trading port and producer of nutmeg. Grenada has numerous natural wonders, including stunning reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving, beautiful waterfalls cascading into natural pools, and lush tropical greenery lining hiking trails. In addition to nature, Grenada boasts several local destinations for those interested in art, history, and nightlife, making it the ideal escape for any honeymoon. 

For those interested in food, beverage, and gastronomy, Grenada is home to world-class chefs and fresh. Nutmeg plantations and chocolate factories offer indulgent and flavorful tasting experiences, letting you see how these flavors go from farm to table. Rum distilleries offer unique and delicious cocktail experiences for discerning drinkers. Take a look at some special resort options at this beautiful tropical destination.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Caribbean Destination for a Honeymoon

Compared to other Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia feels a bit more like a “garden of Eden” experience, with rich, lush greenery, an ancient volcano, and white sand beaches. Rich flora and fauna cover every square inch of the island, giving it a virtually untouched feel. More adventurous honeymooners can explore this natural wonderland with helicopter tours, hiking, zip-lining, sailing, and snorkeling. At the same time, more relaxed couples might choose to take in white sand beaches and relax near the pool at their chosen resort. Definitely take some time to explore the resorts on Saint Lucia and see what amenities they offer.

Bars, restaurants, and culinary experiences abound in Saint Lucia, with fresh fish, tropical fruits, and unique, clean flavors ready to experience at every moment. The national dish is green figs and salt fish, and overall the cuisine is a unique blend of American, European, Indian, and Caribbean flavors.


Jamaica for a Honeymoon

Jamaica is one of the better-known islands on this list, but its popularity does not make it any less magical for your perfect honeymoon. With several resorts and destinations to choose from, Jamaica is ideal for those who want to plan their perfect honeymoon getaway to their exact specifications. Whether you prefer a secluded tropical escape or want to experience the bustling and exciting nightlife, Jamaica has options for every couple specific to adults

When it comes to food and dining, Jamaica offers an exhilarating and inspiring culinary backdrop. Because of its rich history and global influences, Jamaica draws chefs from around the world to create completely unique culinary experiences in a romantic setting. Jamaica is also home to several world-class wineries right on the island, making it an excellent option for honeymooning couples that are devoted Winetravelers!

Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos Island Destination for a Honeymoon

Turks and Caicos is a string of forty islands and cays, each with its own unique and exciting experiences, including crystal turquoise waters, powdery fine white sand, and the unique Providenciales. The most populated island of the Turks and Caicos has a bustling nightlife, stunning museums, and rich history. Honeymooners can stroll the streets, explore natural and man-made wonders, and make romantic memories together. For the optimal experience, we suggest opting for an all-inclusive resort to take the stress out of planning a honeymoon in a rich and diverse landscape. 

Turks and Caicos is also home to the Caribbean Food and Wine Festival, which is particularly interesting to Winetravelers! Each year this festival brings together world-renowned chefs and vintners to produce unique experiences, award distinguished wines, and chefs, and let attendees and participants support local charities helping residents of the islands.  

Choosing Your Island Escape

Your honeymoon is your chance to unwind from the stress of wedding planning, connect with your partner, and create memories that will help set the tone for the rest of your marriage. When it comes to making memories, scent and taste are some of the most powerful senses. Few backdrops offer more unique culinary experiences to make these memories than these Caribbean Islands. 

If you need help planning your honeymoon, feel free to explore all-inclusive resorts in a number of Caribbean Islands. You can also take a look at our article to help you decide if all-inclusive vacations are right for you.

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