Some of the most coveted wines on our list at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse New York are, of course, the great first growths of Bordeaux and California’s own version of the same — the “Cult Cabernet’s.” Let’s start with Bordeaux — we are talking about Chateau Lafite, Mouton, Haut-Brion, Latour, and Margaux — the big five. They have been heralded throughout history even prior to the 1855 classification that gave them their “First Growth” standing (Except for Mouton which was grandfathered in).

These Cabernet based wines have massive structure from tannin and oak aging as well as high acidity which makes them an easy pairing with a steak. I recommend going to the Old World heavy hitters especially when enjoying one of Del Frisco’s heritage, heavily-marbled steaks.

Wine and Steak Pairing Rules of Thumb

The fattier the steak the more you really need the acidity to cut through the fattiness and clean up the palate to savor the next bite. At Del Frisco’s we have a hard to find bone-in ribeye that is simply perfect in this instance.  However, the deep marbling of the steak is not the only thing adding flavor to this cut, it is also cooked on the bone which imparts even more to the richness of the steak. This kind of cut needs a wine of sheer substance, but it also has to do its job of enhancing the experience.

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Classed Bordeaux wines can get into the ring with this steak any day of the week. Of course, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to find some fabulous Bordeaux that are second labels of first growths and also second, third, fourth, and fifth growth Bordeaux. In this day and age there has been so much innovation in wine making and viticulture that vignerons are producing beautiful and approachable wines at all price points!

A new addition to the steak menu here at Del Frisco’s is our selection of Dry Aged steaks. These massively flavorful cuts with notes of hazelnut and blue cheese also lend themselves to pairing with beautiful Bordeaux’s as well as dense rich Super Tuscan blends like Guado Al Tasso, Tignanello, Sassicaia and Solaia.

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Pairing Steak with Californian Wines

The Cult California Cabernet’s are always a hit here at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, an ultra-premium steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan. These producers consider themselves to be the First Growths of California and they are not wrong. These are some of the most sought after wines in the world and most of them are tiny, small-lot production wines. I am, of course, talking about Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Bryant Family, Colgin, Araujo, Abreu, Dalla Valle Maya… The list goes on and on, and new comers show up all the time… such as Hundred Acre, Dana Estate, Scarecrow, Ovid, and Checkerboard.

These big bold lush cabs are equally delicious when paired with steaks but here I find it better to back off of the superbly dense steaks and settle on something with a leaner edge.  Again, it’s all about balance.  Our rare bone-in Filet with added flavor from the bone but not the marbling is absolutely perfect. As is the classic Strip steak which has a firm bold texture. These steaks are enhanced by the chewy black fruit and warm round tannins you find in classic California Cult Cab. These big names also have their “second wines” (less premium versions) as well, and if you are looking for that same bold style without the hearty price tag, I highly recommend looking into the second labels or sister wineries of the previously mentioned California giants!

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    Crystl Faye Horton has been a fixture of Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse New York since its opening more than 16 years ago. As the Wine Director of the famed restaurant’s sommelier team, Crystl plays an integral role in curating an award-winning wine list made up of more than 2,400 selections and 22,000 bottles, which brings in an impressive $8 million dollar average in sales. This year, the restaurant joined the elite group of Wine Spectator’s 2017 Grand Award winners. One of only three NYC restaurants that hold Wine Spectator’s highest honor, this distinguishes Del Frisco’s wine program as one of the best in the world. A pioneer within the women in wine movement, Crystl was the first female sommelier at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse New York. After beginning her studies with Kevin Zraly at the Windows on the World Wine School, Crystl embarked on an education with the American Sommelier Association, where she is still an active member and staff teacher. Crystl holds a Level Two certification and completed the Advanced Class from the Court of Master Sommeliers. She used her passion for wine to rise through the ranks of Del Frisco’s wine program and continues to showcase that passion on a daily basis. Crystl inspires staff and shares her love for wine through weekly, deductive tasting classes. She also launched a wine education course which is now available to the general public, “Saturday's With The Somm,” taking place at the restaurant each Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

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