Understanding Barbaresco Wine – Tasting Notes, Food Pairings and Origins

Last Updated: July 12, 2018
Barbaresco Wine Tasting Notes, Food Pairings and Origins | Winetraveler.com

Where are Barbaresco wines from and what grapes are they made with?

Barbaresco is an Italian wine region in the Northeast portion of Italy between Turin and Genoa. This wine is produced from Nebbiolo grapes. They are aged for a minimum of 2 years — at least 1 of which is in oak.

These wines tend to be light in color and body and aromatic with good structure. Barbaresco wines are dry and do require some aging to be at their best. Given these attributes, they are great food wines as opposed to those that can be enjoyed on their own.

Barbaresco Wine Tasting Notes, Food Pairings and Regional Information | Winetraveler.com
Nebbiolo vines grow within the Barbaresco region of Italy during late autumn.

Barbaresco offers hints of truffles, cherry, anise and fennel. My personal favorite producer is Bruno Giacosa. This leader in Barbaresco wine production began bottling wine in 1964 on an estate that is around 50 acres in size. Through the decades he has backed up his reputation for being a perfectionist with some of the best wines that the area has to offer. Year after year the vintages of his Barbaresco Asilli DOCG are outstanding. These wines tend to be on the expensive side but are worth it if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself. This speaks more the length of ageing, and quality of the product.

What Foods Pair Best with Barbaresco Wine?

It goes without saying that traditional regional Italian choice foods are perfect pairings with these wines. Braised meats, risotto’s with earthy tones such as porcini mushrooms and some of the more powerful cheeses such as blue cheese are all great options. In my opinion the perfect pairing is grilled meat and Barbaresco, a great choice for a summer wine and food pairing option.

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