The Armand Family has always been determined to produce “Grands vins.”

It’s an all-consuming passion, which has become the main topic of interest for the whole family, and its principal subject of conversation. It is in this way that the transfer of knowledge gathered throughout the years is naturally transmitted to the next generations. That being said, Angélique & Grégoire Armand are the owners of “Château La Rame & Château La Caussade.” With inspiration from their father, they continue the story of the property.

The soils, the climate, grape varieties, the care taken at harvest and the vinification methods aren’t enough to make a great wine. To this one must add the rejection of easy solutions and a desire never to be satisfied, to always do better.


Food and Wine Pairing ( On request )
You will have the opportunity to taste our wines with different dishes, in order to discover all the possible alliances. We can receive up to 50 people at a meal prepared by a caterer that will enable you to better appreciate our wines.

Vertical Tasting of Old Sweet Vintages
3 Glasses of Chateau La Rame Reserve: Vintages 2007 - 1998 - 1988.
5 Glasses of Chateau La Rame Reserve : Vintages 2007 - 2000 - 1998 - 1989 - 1988.

Tasting Price: 3 glasses - 10 Euros
5 glasses - 15 Euros


During the tour, you will discover our vineyard, our installations, and the cellar. You'll be given explanations about winemaking, wine ageing and have a wine tasting with comments about the you'll try. Our tasting room offers a panoramic view of Sauternes and more particularly of the Château d’Yquem in the distance.


This winery offers a variety of wines paired with food.

This winery is known for its Great Views on the property.

This winery is popular for its vineyard views.

This winery offers wine tastings on the property either by walk-in or appointment.

This winery offers wine tours on their property. Either of the winery facility, vineyards and/or cellar space.

Wine Styles

  • Dry Red Wines
  • Dry White Wines
  • Rosé Wines
  • Sweet Wines
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