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In the land of prosecco the Terroir in the Gregoletto vineyards consists of hills — which are sometimes steep, such as in Valdobbiadene and Vittorio Veneto with North facing ridges.

The soils consistis of Marnoso clay and a much cooler climate than that of the hills of Conegliano, or with South oriented ridges such as near Pieve di Soligo, with soils consisting of limestone and clay and where a much warmer climate prevails.

Gregoletto Luigi exclusively uses grapes grown on hillsides for all of their wines. Only in the rarest of cases will they use compost, which consists of organic matter, and they do not apply herbicides in any of their plots. Practically all of the work they do either in the vineyard or in the cellar is done by hand. In 2016 Luigi Gregoletto was awarded as winemaker of the year. 

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