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Tommasi viticoltori is located in Pedemonte, a small village in the heart of the Valpolicella  region, in the northwest part of Verona.

When the 4th generation of the family started to be involved,the company launched “Tommasi Family Estates project”,
a major investment program dedicated to the acquisition of lands best suited for wine grapes: Valpolicella Classica, Doc areas of Verona, Prosecco in Treviso, Oltrepò Pavese in Lombardy, Montalcino and Maremma in Toscana, Manduria in Puglia Each Estate has got its own history and identity. Tommasi Family promises quality and excellence.



Tasting Detail

Tastings are offered from Monday to Friday.
Tastings + winery tours by appointment.

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Tours Detail

The great classic - Winery tour + tasting of Valpolicella wines. lenght : 2h
Italian Grand Tour - Winery tour + tasting of the great wines of Tommasi Family Estates. lenght: 2h

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