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    A lot.
  • Accolades: WSET II Merit
  • Favourite Grape
    Grenache, Viognier & Blaufränkisch
  • Top Wine
    Travel Tip:
    Locating a restaurant on the spot in middle of rural wine country when you start getting hungry can be incredibly time-consuming and in some cases impossible. Be sure to research restaurants in the area and have them marked down on your itinerary ahead of time, so you can quickly navigate and pull an audible if necessary.
  • Bucketlist
    Goal :
    Right now: Scuba dive ancient ruins off the coast of Greece's many islands and end the day tasting local wines on each.

Greig Santos-Buch is a Co-Founder at Winetraveler, WSET II Merit wine thought-provoker and off-the-beaten-path outdoorsman. Greig first became involved with wine traveling after a month-long solo trip to Spain about 10 years ago, planning the trip almost exclusively around the gastronomic scene of the country. Ever since that particular trip abroad, he developed a passion for traveling and making wine tourism the core driver behind where he ends up. This has since led him to exciting exotic and domestic destinations reaching as far as the Czech Republic, to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, California, Washington State, Canada and beyond. His primary aim through Winetraveler is to expose this style of travel to the world and through new technology, make it accessible to everyone.

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