Music & Wine Pairing with House of Krug Champagne

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Last Updated: March 15, 2020
The House of Krug goes a step further when pairing their iconic Champagne with music. Classically trained musicians from around the world collaborate with Krug Champagne to create unique scores that pair with the wines. When you visit the Krug Family House in Reims, the heart of Champagne, France, your tasting experience will also include music.

The Music of the House of Krug

In the wine world, we are often talking about pairings. We pair wine with food, with events, and with great company. Though it may be harder to describe, sometimes we even pair wine with things that are more metaphysical, ethereal, and emotional. Have you ever paired wine with music?

Krug Music Pairing & Experience Explained |
Oliver Krug, 6th-generation Krug family member.

Music & Wine Pairing with House of Krug Champagne

The House of Krug goes a step further when pairing their iconic bubbly with music, and in fact, each vintage of their Champagne is likened to a different musical instrument that is perfectly combined with others to complete a magnificent orchestra with each new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée released. Meaning, the vibrant, precise style of this wine is not just produced year-after-year without great thought and attention, but with particular consideration of how each “player” will harmonize perfectly with others. Think of it in terms of each vintage year representing a core instrument, which may be strong enough on its own, depending on the conditions of that growing season, or perhaps it is better matched with the instruments of years past for a complete symphony of taste.

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Krug Echoes

The Krug House is dedicated to the scientific musical approach, with elements of emotion in the final product. There is truly a methodical connection between music and taste that has been perfected here, according to Krug. Each individual plot is considered to be a fine musician, contributing its own unique character and strengths to the final blend, which reveals itself in the extraordinary fresh intensity of the brand.

Over the years, the House has partnered with musicians to also bring in a unique pairing element once the Grande Cuvée symphony is assembled. Through their Krug Echoes program, classically trained musicians from around the world collaborate with the brand and create unique scores for each vintage and Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée. These professional musicians taste the Champagne, and then through feeling and their professional sense of music create a song that best represents the emotion evoked by a specific blend. It’s the deepest connection between sound and taste.

Krug lovers from around the world can enjoy the individual sounds of each bottle by logging into the Krug application on their smartphones and entering the Krug ID number, which is a six-digit number located on the back of the bottle. Once in the app, there are resources to tell you everything about that specific year or blend, as well as the musical pairings for that bottle. Sit back and enjoy the Champagne and the accompanying sensory experience, combining two of the world’s most enjoyable pleasures; the beautiful sounds of music and drinking Champagne.

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Visiting The House of Krug

When you visit the Krug Family House in Reims, the heart of Champagne, France, your tasting journey will also include music. In addition to the tasting room, which has 20 speakers, the full musical journey will take you to the Krug Yurt. This is a wooden structure in the garden of the Krug Family House that is specifically designed for the exceptional musical experiences of guests to the property. It is a special place where the Krug Echoes musical pairings are showcased, bestowing an otherworldly experience on those wine travelers who want a little something extra paired with their Champagne tasting experience.

Champagne and music? It’s a pairing and travel experience not to miss.

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