Champagne Food Pairing Rules of Thumb

By | Champagne Specialist
Last Updated: October 29, 2023

Editor’s Note: Today, we’re a bit spoiled in that we have the Champagne specialist from Moët Hennessy explaining the rules of thumb behind champagne food pairings. In this article, Alyse Mizia explains the various styles of food that work well with champagne, along with some of her top picks for specific dishes that work exceptionally well with this famous style of sparkling wine.

How To Pair Food with Champagne

There are few foods that do not pair with Champagne! The rule of thumb is that any food with salt, butter, oil, or fat will work well. In fact, popcorn makes for a perfect Champagne pairing. Dinner and a movie anyone?

Some of my favorite pairings are a toasty, Brut-style of Champagne with a Rotisserie Chicken, or a Brut Rosé with Pepperoni Pizza… but Truffle Fries are always a winner. Oysters are also a fantastic and classic pairing. Try Raw Oysters with a Dry Champagne and consider a Brut with Fried Oysters or Scallops.

Best Champagne Food Pairing Recommendations |

Understanding The Dynamics of Food & Champagne Pairings

The crisp acidity of Champagne cuts through any fats on the palate, dancing with the food, and making you want to come back for more. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, especially when pairing complex styles of Champagne, as they can lend themselves to unexpected pairing discoveries.

While Champagne is often thought of as a wine that’s best used to get the evening started, it is in fact a wine that can carry you through a full meal, and perhaps on to the next morning.

Side Note: When drinking Champagne, drink from a regular wine glass! Unless you have been blessed with a petit nose (unlike myself), it’s near to impossible to get your nose into a flute to fully experience all that these wines have to offer. Oliver Krug told me once that drinking Champagne from a flute is “like wearing earplugs to the orchestra – all of the components are there, but you cannot experience them.”

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