Best Wines & Regions To Drink During Quarantine in the Age of COVID-19

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Last Updated: March 20, 2020
Best Wines & Regions To Drink During Quarantine in the Age of COVID-19

Whether you’re social distancing or under full lockdown at home, drinking wine will help get you through it. If you’re stocking up during the age of Coronavirus, either in-store or online, here are some of the best varieties and regions to consider picking up. It’s time to quarantine with your #quaranwine!

Best Wines To Try During Coronavirus Quarantine -

1. Italian Prosecco

Best for: those paying homage to Italy.

A nod to the Italian nation currently under complete lockdown, clink glasses of Prosecco in honor of this beautiful country. As you sip, daydream of Prosecco Road’s rolling hills, and consider planning a tasting trip there post-virus. Italy will need your tourism dollars, and well, we’ll always need Prosecco, so it’s a win-win. Plus, it’s typically not too pricy!

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2. California Cabernet Sauvignon

Best for: those wanting their wine purchases to benefit the US economy.

While you can enjoy tasty Cabs from all around the world, those wanting to do their part to keep the US wine economy going strong should consider sipping a California Cab. Especially considering that they were recently the first US state to go into full lockdown. Plus, holing up indoors with a full-bodied red is ideal when you can’t leave home.

3. German Riesling

Best for: those in warmer climates.

If you’re quarantined with the AC on, it’s best to opt for a crisp, aromatic white. Rieslings are dynamic wines ranging from fruity and floral to petrolic and earthy — you can pick one style to match your mood of the day.

Wines To Drink while stuck at home
Vineyard in Chinon, Loire Valley, France

4. French Cabernet Franc 

Best for: those wanting to feel fancy in their pajamas.

Let’s be real — we’d all rather be in France right now drinking wine — especially at a castle in the Loire Valley region. So if you can’t manage to put real clothes on, but want to feel fancy, sophisticated and très chic, demurely sip a French Cabernet Franc — and remember — pinky out!  

5. South African Rosé

Best for: those needing to lighten up a little — or a lot. You know who you are.

Quarantine is optimal for those hoping to ‘Rosé all day.‘ And while you can also enjoy a French Rosé, sipping a South African variety from a region like Stellenbosch will morph you to the gorgeous scenery of the Western Cape: mountains, beaches, and verdant hills.

6. Argentinian Malbec

Best for: those believing desperate times call for desperate measures.

If your mental state is suffering in quarantine, a Malbec from Argentina is just what the doctor ordered. Adding a little spice and whimsy to your current state will improve your mood — the exact qualities a Malbec has. Plus, it’s our March pick if you’re participating in Winetraveler’s try a wine for each month of the year challenge.

7. Homemade Mulled Wine

Best for: those needing an extra dose of comfort in colder climates.

The main ingredients you’ll need to make mulled wine at home are red wine, fruit, and spices. If you really need an extra boost, add in a liqueur such as brandy, bourbon or cognac. Check out the full Winetraveler recipe for mulled wine here

8. Australian Shiraz

Best for: those dying of wanderlust who can’t wait to start traveling again.

If you’re anything like the team at Winetraveler, you’re counting the days, hours and even minutes until you’ll be able to travel again. Australia is one of the most far-flung destinations out there, one that has some wonderful wine regions. It’s also one of the best for Shiraz, an aromatic and traditionally spicy red that the Barossa Valley is known for to the northeast of Adelaide.

9. Port Wine

Best for: those who simply can’t deal.

With some varieties having alcohol percentages up to 20%, Port Wine is one of the strongest wines out there if you really need to take the edge off. Choose from a white, ruby or tawny and sip slowly. Port is best enjoyed as an aperitif or post-dinner. You can also get inspired to visit the city where Port is made right here.

 10. Anything you can pick up ‘locally’

Best for: those worried about the fate of local businesses.

Support your local wine businesses by shopping either online or in-person at your nearest wine store whenever possible (if they’re open or providing delivery options). Order from local wine regions to ensure that your favorite wineries will be able to stay afloat during this difficult time.

From the confines of our home to yours, Winetraveler wishes you a safe and healthy March, April and beyond. Feel free to share what wines you’ll be sipping on in the comment section below!

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  1. Awesome list. You had me at the Cab Franc and then the Aussie Shiraz. How about a detour to New Zealand to check out some of their Pinot Noir? Love what’s coming out of Central Otago. Cheers!

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