Beach Vacation Ideas Around the World for Wine Lovers

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Best Beach Vacation Ideas For Wine Lovers:

Top Beach Vacations For Wine Lovers

As a wine lover, going for a holiday will sometimes require you to choose between going to a wine region or settling for a non-wine holiday if you want to be close to the sea. But why sacrifice one for the other when you can do both? You don’t necessarily need to visit a coastal wine region to enjoy great wine, you can simply sip by the beach or visit any number of local restaurants. Below, we’ll feature some of the best beaches for wine lovers. From California to the Maldives, these beaches will let you enjoy the world’s finest wines while taking in the sun!

View of the California coastline along the Point Reyes National Seashore at Chimney Rock trail and Drakes Bay.
View of the California coastline along the Point Reyes National Seashore at Chimney Rock trail and Drakes Bay.

Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Extending across 70,000 acres of a large peninsula, the Point Reyes National Seashore is the only national seashore on the West Coast. It’s located an hour north of San Francisco and consists of beaches, lagoons, ponds, and estuaries that surround a densely wooded interior. This vast expanse of protected coastline is home to more than a thousand animal and plant species. There’s a main visitor center at the Bear Valley, complete with interactive displays.

The best way to enjoy your time at Point Reyes is to drink Californian Rosé by the beach. There are many excellent wine stores and bars in San Francisco where you can buy your Rosé before driving to the park. But take note that consumption of alcoholic beverages within the Point Reyes National Seashore is only allowed for persons at least 21 years old. Alcohol in large containers is not permitted, as this has consistently caused problems in the past.

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Palombaggia Beach Porto-Vecchio, Corsica 
Aerial view of Palombaggia beach in Corsica, France.

Palombaggia Beach Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

The Palombaggia Beach Porto-Vecchio is only three kilometers long, yet it exudes a unique beauty that you can only discover when you come here on your next holiday. Located in the French Region of Corsica, Palombaggia Beach features all shades of blue and turquoise with clear and immaculate sands. Smooth and tiny rocks emerge from its waves, making this beach one of the most beautiful in Europe and beyond. What’s more, the seabed remains low for most of the year, making it an ideal holiday destination for families with kids.

For wine lovers, drinking Sauvignon Blanc by the beach is the best way to spend your time here. As one of the world’s most popular white wines, Sauvignon Blanc is known for its refreshing crispness, thanks to its typically high level of acidity. It originated from the Bordeaux region of France, but you will find this wine almost anywhere in France, including in Corsica.

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Port de Pollença - Mallorca
Cap de Formentor, in North Mallorca, Spain.

Port de Pollença – Mallorca

Also known as Puerto Pollensa, Port de Pollença is a tourist resort region located north of Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic. Like many of the coastal towns in Mallorca, this resort town used to be a fishing village servicing the local area. It still has a large marina, but nowadays, it is being used to harbor leisure boats instead of fishing boats. 

The beachfront is the area’s main attraction, lined with restaurants, shops, and apartments. After dining and shopping, make your way to the Port de Pollença Beach, the main beach in the town. This beautiful beach is long and wide, with soft golden sands lined with sun loungers and parasols. Treat yourself to a glass of Rioja as you marvel at the gorgeous sunset by the beach, then retire to one of the beautiful rented Pollensa villas overlooking the views of the ocean.

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Best Beach Vacation Ideas for Wine Lovers: Sardinia
Cala Gabbiani beach at Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia, Italy. Aside from hosting some of the most beautiful beaches and water in the world, Sardinia itself is also a high-quality producing wine region.

Isola di Spargi, Sardinia

Isola di Spargi is an uninhabited island in the La Maddalena Archipelago of Sardinia. Famous for its crystal clear waters with different shades of blue, turquoise, and emerald, the island is definitely a must-visit on your next holiday to Sardinia. The most popular beaches on the island are Cala Conneri, Cala Corsara, Cala Granara, and Cala Soraya. Still, as you explore the other areas on the island, you will find several other bays with beautiful emerald and turquoise blue waters that make up the island’s spectacular nature.

Isola di Spargi is also an excellent destination for those who love snorkeling and diving, especially in the Secca di Spargi. Famous for its large blocks of granite, the area is highly recommended for diving, where you can catch a glimpse of a wide variety of colorful fishes and very active marine life.

After a day of exploring the island, wine lovers can relax by the shore drinking glasses of locally-produced Vermentino and/or Carignan, both grown in earnest by a wide range of producers across the island. Click below to see some of our favorite Sardinian wineries worth visiting on your next trip.

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Top Beaches To Visit in the Maldives

Bikini Beach in the Maldives

When it comes to a beach holiday, the Maldives are definitely on top of the list. This beautiful paradise is the perfect place to relax and unwind with world-class beaches, luxurious resorts, and a serene atmosphere. A holiday to the Maldives won’t be complete without visiting one of its Bikini Beaches. Although the Maldives are a popular beach holiday destination, some places are off-limits to bikini-wearing tourists. But fret not, for there are plenty of beaches within the Maldives that will give tourists the freedom to flaunt their summer body with a sexy bikini!

You can go to Dhangethi Bikini Beach, which is cleaner and more secluded than the rest, offering you complete privacy and solitude as you bask under the sun. The Dhigurah Beach, a popular diving spot, is also a must-visit. Its shore is five km long and perfect for a romantic evening stroll. Meanwhile, Maafushi Bikini Beach is known for its powdery white sands, swaying palm trees, and balmy sea breeze. This beach only allows entry to tourists, giving you the freedom to wear anything you want without fear of offending the locals.

Wine lovers, rejoice! The best part about visiting the Bikini beaches of the Maldives is that you also have the freedom to drink alcohol. Some of these beaches are home to the best beach bars in the Maldives, where you can enjoy a round of wine or cocktails. Indeed, when it comes to going on luxury holidays at the beach, nothing can beat the Maldives!

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