Wine Awesomeness Review – New Wine Club Tailored To Millenials

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Last Updated: July 12, 2018
Wine Awesomeness Review - See Our Review Plus Get a Special Wine Awesomeness Coupon |

So what is Wine Awesomeness?  We sat down with Wine Awesomeness CEO Logan Lee for an inside look at what makes this rapidly growing wine club tick. Scroll down to read the interview.

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Wine Awesomeness Review - Learn About The Wine Awesomeness Wine Club Plus Get a Special Coupon |
Lily Aldridge pictured here with the “What’s up Rosé” delivered by Wine Awesomeness. Image courtesy Wine Awesomeness.

Discussion with Logan Lee of Wine Awesomeness and Winetraveler

G: What’s YOUR interpretation of what Wine Awesomeness is and where it’s going?
LL: Wine Awesomeness is a young, fun, and rebellious wine company that is constantly looking to bring interesting wine experiences to our customers.  For example, when we launched the company we turned a dive bar into a wine bar for one night and jammed out with the emerging band, Wild Cub.  In November, we took all of our monthly members on a journey to South Africa. We’ve curated 6 really cool South African wines.  We put together some great content like Q+As with wine makers, photography from the vineyards, DIY info on BBQ South African style, and much much more.  

G: What sets you apart from other wine clubs?
LL: We do not give a damn about the traditional wine world. We are focused on helping people learn about cool wines from around the world minus the pretentious bull shit.  

G: How long has the company been around?
LL: The current edition of the website is 15 months old.

G: How much has it grown since then?
LL: Our email subscriber base has grown 12 fold this year.

G: Where do you source your wines from and how are they curated?
LL: Every month we curate 6 wines from all over the globe.  We work with wineries, importers, and distributors to find the best value for our members.  We always try to focus on discovery.  Whether we take our members on a journey to a region or finding the most rad rosé in Virginia, we promise our customers a unmatched discovery experience.

G: Do you have sommeliers / oenophiles on staff who select the wines each quarter?
LL: How do you classify your “wine experts?”  Who are they?  How did you find them?  You are as much of a wine expert as anyone!  Our whole team helps curate wines, but we do work with some really great, rebellious Somms.  In December, Peter Eastlake (Twitter: @VintageBerkeley) is joining us on the curating front, and he is going to start by featuring some very rebellious wine makers from the West coast.

G: What inspired your branding?
LL: Steve Jobs.  The idea of thinking about things differently!  And the wine world is missing the boat when it comes to the digital revolution.

G: Are you trying to reach a younger audience?  By your phrasing in the wine books, music selections, etc, it seems as though you’re trying to move away from the “exclusivity” associated with wine.  Is that true?  Are you trying to ferment a younger or rather less “sophisticated” crowd?
LL: We are a company of millennials.  We are trying to build a brand for millennials, which is sorely missing in the industry.  In a lot of ways, we are building a brand for ourselves.

Wine Awesomeness Review - See Our Review Plus Get a Special Wine Awesomeness Coupon | Winetraveler.comWhy this Wine Club Matters and Why It Will be a Force for Change within the Wine Industry in Coming Years

Everything Logan and their team have done to move the wine industry in a direction away from the “exclusivity” so commonly associated with it has been an inspiration to me. WineAwesomeness is a wine club that’s worth looking at if you want to avoid the snobbery and get right down to what’s important. The wine.  It’s not expensive, and they literally send you a ‘box of awesomeness.’ (See picture).

When you open it, you’re not only receiving wine inside — you’re tapping into the world. You’re tapping into travel and education. That’s what Wine Travel is about to us. The region that the grapes were grown in, the history, the culture and how wine brings people together. In this wine club review we gave Wine Awesomeness a high rating, and I think you’ll see why when you receive your first box at your doorstep.

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