What Are The Best Dry Rosé Wine Pairings?

How to Pair Food with a Dry Rosé Wine

What isn’t a great pairing with Dry Rosé?! Rosé is such a broad category of wine with light, subtle options from Southern France, Italy, and Spain to bolder options like those from California, Central France, or South America (and so many in between from virtually every wine producing region on the globe).

Pairings really depend on which grape(s) the rosé is comprised of. In general, rosé can be thought of as an “in between” option, as it is “in between” a red and a white wine in style. It often has the red fruit aromas of a red wine, with the lighter body and crisp acidity of a white wine.

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Rosé Food Pairing Ideas

Pork, often thought of as a white meat, can be a wonderful rosé pairing, as can salmon and turkey which are richer than most other fish and poultry. While I feel that rosé can be enjoyed year-round, it is most often thought of as a “summer wine” and for good reason. Its refreshing acidity pairs well with so many summer foods: picnic fare like sandwiches and salads, summer vegetables, hot dogs, crab and shrimp. Ribs and smoked chicken are all divine with a variety of rosé wines.

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Regional Rosé Wine Pairings

If you look to specific rosé regions for pairings, you also won’t be disappointed. Serrano ham and manchego cheese with a Spanish Garnacha rosé/rosado is a divine pairing.

Provence rosé is remarkable with a classic Salad Niçoise and heartier Tavel rosés are great with smoked chicken or pâté.

Look beyond classic pairings and you will discover just how endless rosés pairing possibilities are. Mexican, Szechuan, Thai, Hawaiian… all regional cuisines without traditional wine pairings, but fantastic with rosé!

The only foods I would avoid pairing with dry rosés are desserts. The sweetness of many desserts tend to make rosé wines taste tangy or bitter.

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