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Guido Berlucchi is a family company strongly rooted in its territory and together with the standard bearer of Franciacorta. Franco Ziliani, elected to father of Franciacorta by local winemakers, has led the company in the new Millennium, a territory of new and exciting challenges. 
At his side is the second generation, represented by his children Cristina, Arturo and Paolo, respectively head of communication, production and commercial area of ​​the Berlucchi house.

Their Building is full of History, the dwelling was built in the sixteenth century on pre-existing medieval structures by the family Lana de ‘Terzi, noble family of Bergamo origins from which Guido Berlucchi descended. The building was the symbol of entrepreneurship Franciacortina, of which the family Lana de ‘Terzi was a prominent exponent. 
But it is also remembered as a destination for illustrious guests such as Caterina Cornaro, queen of Cyprus and patron of the arts.

Tasting Detail

Tasting of Franciacorta.

Tasting Price:

Tours Detail

The tour on their Historic Underground cellar is followed by a guided tasting.
Guided tour with a sommelier.
Historical Cellar Tour.

Tours Price: Tour price varies from €20 to €35 per person

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