At Le Domaine du Val d’Argan, they don’t use tractors in the vineyard. They use camels. The annual production at Le Domaine du Val d’Argan is roughly 1500 hectoliters or 200 000 bottles, stored in our cellar in Essaouira, Morocco. Recently, we have built a buried cellar, where we can store and age 300,000 bottles, as well as an underground cellar where we house 40 barrels for the breeding of our VAL D’ARGAN and ORIAN ROUGE. Wine style and grape varieties at Val d’Argan focus on traditional Rhone-style blends.

Wine tastings and tours are available at Val d’Argan. Only a short 20 minute drive from Essaouira. There is a restaurant on-site that Winetraveler visitors appreciate as one of the main attractions. You can have a relaxing lunch outdoors and even jump in the pool. Wine tastings and tours at Val d’Argan are available and the guides are known to speak excellent English.

The bed and breakfast in Essaouira of Val d’Argan are located 23 km from the city of Essaouira with a panoramic view of the countryside.

The rooms are of traditional construction in stone, lime and wood. You will be charmed by the beauty, the serenity and the vast space of this intimate place of relaxation. The rooms are very comfortable, charming, well appointed and each has their own bathroom. They are spread out over a vast garden with a large swimming pool.


Wine tastings at this quaint, unique and beautiful winery are available.


Bespoke vineyard tours may be available at this property with advanced reservation or surprise via walkin.


This winery offers a variety of wines paired with food.

This winery is known for and popular with consumers for its Great Service and friendly staff.

This winery is known for its Great Views on the property.

This winery includes lodging on or nearby the property.

Olive Oil Tastings and/or purchases are popular at this winery among visitors.

There is a restaurant on-site.

This winery offers small plates of food during wine tastings. Typically in the form of cheeses, meats or small sandwiches. 

A swimming pool is included on this winery property.

This winery offers wine tastings on the property either by walk-in or appointment.

Wine Styles

  • Dry Red Wines
  • Dry White Wine
  • Red Wine Blends
  • Rhone-style Blends
  • White Wine Blends
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