When we decided to build a winery, we took many things into consideration. The gentle slope overlooking the Val d’Orcia favoured an underground construction that would allow winemaking processes that used gravity and highly advanced techniques. But we also wanted to share the winemaking process and make the various stages visible to visitors. Thus we created a little gem of refined and modern architecture, with a touch of sophistication and remarkable views.

Recently, Adler Thermae  has launched a unique gastro experience at Tenuta Sanoner, its new and innovative winery, set among the rolling hills of Tuscany with panoramic views of the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site of Val d’Orcia. Not only is the cellar open for wine tastings, it also plays host to cookery classes where guests are taught how to prepare traditional rustic dishes by a local “mamma”.

Tenuta Sanoner & Views of Val d’Orcia

The Tenuta (or Estate in English) is named after the Sanoner family who own the Adler Spa Resorts (comprising three hotels in the Dolomites, in addition to Adler Thermae). The properties are currently run by the sixth generation of the Sanoner family, a sister and two brothers, one of whom Andreas is a lover of wines, so the family bought some land close to Adler Thermae in 2008 and planted their first vines in 2010. Three years later, they harvested the first grapes and created their first wine.

What started as a personal passion has now become a complementary part of the Adler Thermae experience. Every Tuesday, one of the regular guided walking tours organized by the hotel ends at the Tenuta with a wine tasting, as does the guided cycling tour on a Friday and on Saturday, there is a dedicated tour of the vineyard and wine tasting with the hotel’s maitre d’.

While the guided activities are free to all guests of the Adler Thermae, there is a €15 charge per person for the wine tasting. Alternatively, the Sanoner wines can be tasted in the Adler Thermae bar and restaurants. All the Sanoner wines are produced organically, reflecting the family’s commitment to producing quality goods that minimize their impact on the environment.

The grape grown is Sangiovese (which is typical of the region and is famously used to create Brunello di Montalcino), but in addition to a red AETOS Rosso, the Sanoner family also uses it to create an AETOS rosé and sparkling rosé, which is rather more unusual (a white wine making technique is used but the wine retains the tint of the Sangiovese grape). Alongside the vines, the Tenuta is also home to hundreds of olive trees, producing organic olive oil.

Cooking Classes Offered

Complementary to the wine production are the cookery classes held every Wednesday at the winery. The focus is on rustic food, such as home-made breads like focaccia, various types of pasta and traditional desserts including tiramisu, that families eat at home every day. The class is taught by local housewife Anna, who changes the menu every few months to reflect the season. Her knowledge of Italian and Tuscan dishes is extensive and she is more than happy to share her tips and tricks to ensure that every dish is a success.

A hands-on class, participants cook all the food themselves from scratch, before sitting down around one big table to enjoy the fruits of their labour, in an informal and unique setting, against a backdrop of panoramic views of the Sanoner vineyards and Val d’Orcia. The class starts at 10am and lasts until around 2pm; it costs €75 per person and includes the lesson, lunch, an aperitif and a visit to the winery.


Tastings include a multi-sensory experience in addition to a tour of the property and facilities.

Tasting Price: €15 per person.


We love wine and we respect nature. We want to share our passion and we want visitors to experience our philosophy. We therefore open the doors of our winery and accompany guests on a multi-sensory journey through the colours and aromas of each stage of the production process, from tending the land to tasting our products, which are made with determination, love and respect for the land: principles that have always distinguished our enterprise.

Our experts explain the entire production cycle: from the care of the soil and the vines to the most modern techniques employed in the winery.

Tasting Price: Free.


This winery is known for its Great Views on the property.

This winery is popular among visitors for its outdoor patio. Sip and swirl your wine while enjoying a beautiful patio setting.

This winery offers wine tastings on the property either by walk-in or appointment.

This winery offers wine tours on their property. Either of the winery facility, vineyards and/or cellar space.

Grape Varieties

Wine Styles

  • Dry Red Wine
  • Sparkling Rosé
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