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In the heart of south Tuscany, far from heavy traffic and the main industrialised areas, the surrounding panorama has never changed and is mostly wild: Montalcino. An exceptional example of the cultural landscape which in 2004 was declared by Unesco a World Heritage Site.

Altesino is a leader in various, important innovations in the production of Sangiovese from Montalcino, causing it to stand out and become a reference point for the entire territory.  Some of the positive contributions putting Montalcino on the world map are: the introduction of the “Cru” (Montosoli) concept in 1975, the first experiments with barriques in ’79, the production in ’77 of the first Grappa from a winery and the first Futures (purchasing wine before its release) for Brunello 1985. Over the last forty years an intense relationship has been developed with the land full of history, with its almost sensual beauty that is physically perceived and its subtle charm that reaches the body and soul. 
This is the philosophy that inspires Altesino to produce wine and maintain its culture.

Tasting Detail

After the tour you`ll be able to taste their wines.

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Tours Detail

During the tour you will become familiar with the history and origins of Brunello di Montalcino and the other wines produced by us.
You will see where their wonderful vineyards are located, visit the cellar where their wines are aged and you can also discover high quality oenological practices.
The tour concludes by offering you the chance to taste their wines and appreciate their refinement and elegance, surrounded by beauty.

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