15 Best Provence Wine Tastings & Wine Tours for 2024

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Last Updated: November 13, 2023
Best Provence Wine Tours & Wine Tasting Experiences

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When thinking of visiting Provence, the mind conjures up images of lavender fields casting purple hues on rolling hills that match the sunsets. You think of the famous sun-drenched seaside towns of the French Riviera like Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Monaco and Marseille. Pale pink hues of glasses of Rosé sparkle against the back drop of the crystal blue waters of the Cote D’Azure.

Provence has a rich history in making wine. In fact, it’s the oldest wine producing region in the country — producing wines for over 2600 years. The Phoenicians founded modern day Marseille, bringing with them vines and wines during the 6th century BC as grapes were planted throughout the region.

Today, Provence is made up of 8 AOC’s (Appellation d’origine Contrôlée, regulated sub-regions), and wine production is 88% Rosé and growing!

All of that being said, Provence is also a truly magical place to visit for #Winetravelers. From the stunning beauty of the countryside itself, vineyard landscapes, to ancient chateaux and quaint and picturesque villages like Saint-Rémy, it’s hard to go wrong with a wine tourism experience in Provence.

In this guide, learn about the best wine tasting experiences, wine tours, resorts and activities in Provence. From locally-guided Provence wine tours, to truffle hunting and wellness retreat options, consider this your ultimate guide to wine tasting in Provence.

Best Provence Wine Tasting & Tourism Experiences

Wine Tasting at Château de Berne

Winetraveler Rating (over 865 reviews):

Located in the heart of the Var region, the expansive 1,272-acre Château de Berne is a prime destination for wine enthusiasts keen on exploring the vibrant wine culture of Provence. Established in the 18th century, this estate is a significant part of the region’s wine history, offering a blend of relaxation and educational experiences centered around the themes of Provence and wine.

Images courtesy Chateau de Berne, Provence, France.

For the contemporary #Winetraveler, here’s how to maximize your visit to this remarkable estate:

  • In-depth Wine Tasting Sessions: Delve deep into the world of wine with comprehensive tasting sessions at the estate. Gain insights into the production process, from grape cultivation to bottling, and develop a refined palate for the region’s renowned wines.
  • Mountain Biking Excursions: Add an element of adventure to your wine tour with the estate’s mountain bike rental service. Hop on professional tracks that meander through the vineyards, offering an opportunity to appreciate the stunning landscapes of the countryside and capture memorable photographs.
  • Wellness Experiences: The estate also focuses on promoting well-being with a touch of local charm. Consider scheduling a spa session that incorporates the beneficial properties of wine into wellness treatments for a unique relaxation experience.

Practical Tips for Winetravelers: When planning your visit, remember to book your wine tasting and spa sessions in advance to ensure availability. Also, explore the estate’s event calendar to possibly coincide your visit with one of their exclusive wine events or festivals.

Vineyard Tours in Bandol

This coastal town in Provence is home to vineyards that produce some of the finest red and rosé wines in the region. A guided tour will not only allow you to taste these exquisite wines but also learn about the unique terroir of the area.

RELATED: Explore the Bandol Wine Region within Provence by Bike

These are two of our favorite ways to experience Bandol from a locally-guided wine tourism perspective:

Full-Day Wine Tour Around Bandol & Cassis from Marseille

Winetraveler Rating (over 15 reviews):

Take a full-day tour from Marseille with Provence Wine Tours that promises not only sensory delights but also a deep dive into the intricate world of Provençal winemaking.

Images courtesy Provence Wine Tours

  • Winery Visits: The tour encompasses visits to three distinct wineries in the Bandol and Cassis regions, each offering a unique insight into the varied wine production techniques and the diverse range of wines they produce.
  • Expert-Led Wine Tastings: Engage in wine tasting sessions led by experts in the field. These sessions are designed to help you develop a discerning palate, capable of appreciating the subtle notes and flavors that are characteristic of Provençal wines.
  • Understanding ‘Terroir’ and Classifications: Deepen your understanding of the concept of ‘terroir,’ a term that encapsulates the environmental factors that impart a wine with its unique flavor and aroma. Additionally, gain insights into the French wine classification system, a hierarchical structure that categorizes wines based on the region of production and quality.

Half-Day Wine Tour in Bandol & Cassis from Aix-en-Provence

Winetraveler Rating (over 23 reviews):

The vineyards encircling the vibrant city of Aix-en-Provence are reputed to yield some of the most rosé wines in France. However, navigating the sprawling vineyards to pinpoint the crème de la crème of these wines necessitates a deep local understanding. This half-day tour, designed for true Winetravelers, facilitates a seamless exploration of the French countryside, with the comfort of air-conditioned transportation and the guidance of a knowledgeable guide, initiating from the heart of Aix-en-Provence.

Images courtesy Provence Wine Tours

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Guided Vineyard Tours: Take a guided tour through the lush vineyards near Aix-en-Provence, where you can witness firsthand the meticulous care and expertise that goes into cultivating the grapes that produce some of France’s finest rosé wines.
  • Wine Tasting at Renowned Wineries: The tour grants you access to the cellars and vineyards of two prominent wineries. Enjoy guided wine tasting sessions that showcase the distinctive flavors and notes that set these wines apart.
  • Insightful Guidance: Benefit from the insights of a local guide who possesses a wealth of knowledge about the region’s wine production. Learn about the factors that contribute to the exceptional quality of wines produced in this region, and gain a deeper appreciation for the art of winemaking.
  • Convenient Round-Trip Travel: Enjoy the convenience of round-trip travel from central Aix-en-Provence, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wine experience without the hassle of navigating the routes yourself.
  • Pairing Suggestions: To elevate your wine-tasting experience, inquire with your guide about the best local cuisine to pair with different wines. Knowledge that will be valuable throughout the rest of your trip in Provence.

Culinary Experiences in Aix-en-Provence

Winetraveler Rating (over 85 reviews):

Go on a culinary journey through the picturesque streets of Aix-en-Provence with this walking tour, curated to tantalize your taste buds with the finest gastronomic delights the region has to offer. Guided by a local food enthusiast, you will dip into various eateries and shops, sampling in a rich range of regional delicacies that embody the essence of Provençal cuisine. From the savory notes of truffled ham to the creamy textures of regional cheeses, this tour promises a feast for the senses.

Images courtesy Do Eat Better Experience

  • Gourmet Tastings: Delight in a series of tastings that feature a curated selection of regional delicacies, including the famed truffled ham, a variety of cheeses, and the sweet allure of Tarte Tropézienne, a brioche filled with a creamy mixture that is a true testament to French patisserie expertise.
  • Olive Oil Sampling: Visit local shops where you can sample a range of exquisite olive oils, a staple in Provençal cuisine, and learn about the different varieties and their culinary applications.
  • Guided Visits to Shops and Restaurants: Under the guidance of a local foodie guide, explore at least four different establishments in Aix-en-Provence.
  • Insider Tips from a Local Foodie Guide: Gain valuable insights from your guide who shares insider tips on the best places to eat and the must-try dishes, helping you navigate the culinary scene like a local.
  • Small-Group Experience: Enjoy the intimacy of a small-group tour, limited to a maximum of 10 people, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.

Wine Tour in Les Baux-de-Provence

Winetraveler Rating (over 14 reviews):

Enjoy a day of historical exploration coupled with delightful wine experiences with this comprehensive tour offered by Provence Amazing Tours. The journey promises a blend of cultural immersion and gastronomic indulgence, as you visit villages like Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, witness the grandeur of an ancient castle, and witness a mesmerizing sound-and-light show. Interspersed with these historical explorations are visits to local wineries.

Images courtesy Provence Amazing Tours

  • Historical Village Visit: Begin your journey with a visit to the picturesque village of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Here, you can soak in the rustic charm and experience the rich history that permeates through its narrow streets and age-old structures.
  • Ancient Castle Exploration: Step back in time as you explore the remnants of an ancient castle, where each stone narrates tales of a bygone era.
  • Sound-and-Light Show: Experience a visual and auditory feast with a sound-and-light show that brings history to life, offering a unique perspective on the region’s culture.
  • Winery Visits and Wine Tastings: Lubricate your tour with visits to local wineries. These tasting sessions, included in the tour price, offer a sensory journey through the diverse wine landscape of Provence.
  • Guided Exploration of Les Baux-de-Provence: Discover the wonders of Les Baux-de-Provence with a local guide who provides a deeper understanding of this region’s historical significance and natural beauty.
  • Round-Trip Transfers from Marseille: Enjoy the convenience of round-trip transfers from Marseille, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey throughout your tour.
  • Private Tour Experience: Experience the luxury of a private tour, where the itinerary is tailored to suit the preferences of you and your party, promising an exclusive and personalized experience.

Truffle Hunting and Wine Tasting in Luberon

Winetraveler Rating (over 59 reviews):

Take an exhilarating journey into the heart of the Provençal countryside with Les Pastras, where the secretive and lucrative world of truffle hunting unfolds. This experience takes you to a lush truffle plantation in the Luberon, a region renowned for its scenic beauty and culinary riches. Here, you will get to know the fascinating process of truffle cultivation, from the training of adept truffle dogs to the art of hunting coveted “black gold.”

Images courtesy Les Pastras

  • Truffle Hunting Adventure: Engage in an authentic truffle hunt amidst the picturesque settings of a truffle plantation in the Luberon. Accompanied by professional hunters and their trained dogs, venture into the plantation in search of the elusive black truffles.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Gain insights from a seasoned truffle hunter on the intricate process of cultivating truffles and training dogs to sniff out this prized fungus.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Celebrate your successful truffle hunt with a gourmet experience. Enjoy a spread of truffle-infused snacks, complemented by a glass of sparkling wine and a tasting of locally produced olive oil.
  • Tour of the Plantation: Your guided tour is enhanced with a visit to a truffle plantation. Wander through vibrant vineyards, expansive olive groves, and buzzing beehives.
  • Provençal Products for Purchase: Before concluding your visit, explore a range of exquisite Provençal products available for purchase. From truffle-infused olive oil to other gourmet products, bring home a piece of Provençal culinary heritage as a cherished souvenir.
  • Convenient Location: The plantation is conveniently located, just 40 minutes from the Aix-en-Provence TGV train station and an hour from Marseille Airport, making it an accessible destination for a day of gastronomic adventure.

Picnic in the Vineyards of Château la Coste

Winetraveler Rating (over 398 reviews):

Enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst the vineyards of this renowned estate. Savor freshly prepared Provençal cuisine paired with the estate’s finest wines, all while soaking in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. This renowned estate offers a tranquil retreat where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the region while indulging in its culinary delights. The estate is not just a vineyard but a special place to experience art, architecture, and nature.

Images courtesy Chateau la Coste

For those looking to savor the essence of Provence, here’s how to make the most of your picnic at Château la Coste:

  • Gourmet Provençal Picnic: Treat yourself to a leisurely picnic curated with a selection of freshly prepared Provençal dishes. The culinary team at the estate crafts a menu that showcases the vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients of the region.
  • Fine Wine Pairing: Elevate your picnic experience with a selection of the estate’s finest wines.
  • Breathtaking Views: As you dine, soak in the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, a picturesque view of the vineyards and undulating hills that provide a serene backdrop to your picnic.
  • Art and Architecture: Post meal, consider exploring the estate’s remarkable collection of art and architectural installations. The estate hosts works from renowned artists and architects, offering a glimpse of contemporary art and design.
  • Booking Your Experience: This picnic experience is offered by Château la Coste itself. You can book your visit through their official website below, where you can find detailed information about the picnic offerings, pricing, and availability.
  • Tips for Winetravelers: Book your picnic in advance, especially during peak season. Also, don’t forget to check the estate’s calendar for any special events or exhibitions that might coincide with your visit.

Wine Cruise on the Rhône River

Winetraveler Rating (over 1,113 reviews):

Embark on a wine cruise that takes you along the picturesque Rhône River, offering opportunities to visit various vineyards and wineries along the way.

  • Vineyard and Winery Visits: The cruise includes stops at various vineyards and wineries along the Rhône River, where you can get involved with wine tastings.
  • Expert-Led Wine Tastings: Enhance your wine knowledge with guided tastings led by experts. These sessions offer insights into the wine-making process and allow you to develop a deeper appreciation for the wines of the Rhône Valley.
  • Scenic Cruise Along the Rhône River: Enjoy the tranquil journey along the Rhône River, where you can soak in the stunning landscapes, offering a visual treat that complements the wine experiences.
  • Practical Tips for Winetravelers: When planning your cruise, consider booking well in advance to secure your spot. Also, explore the different itineraries available to choose one that aligns with your interests and preferences.

Wine Spa Experiences in Provence

Treat yourself to a unique spa experience where treatments are infused with beneficial properties from grapes and wine. It’s a rejuvenating experience that combines wellness with the essence of wine culture.

Vinothérapie Treatments: These specialized treatments utilize the beneficial properties of grapes and wine, offering a range of therapies including wine baths, grape seed exfoliations, and vine leaf wraps that nourish the skin and rejuvenate the senses.

Tranquil Settings: Many of these spas are set amidst the vineyards, offering serene settings where you can relax and soak in the natural beauty of your surroundings, enhancing the therapeutic effects of the treatments.

Partners Offering Wine Spa Experiences

Château de Berne

A luxurious estate in Provence that offers spa treatments and luxurious accommodations. Browse prices and book your ideal experience here.

Domaine de Manville

Located in the heart of the Alpilles, this estate offers a range of wine-infused spa treatments and a perfect base for exploring the Provence wine region. Browse rates and book your stay here.

Château Saint-Martin & Spa

A taste of the setting and luxury you can expect at Château Saint-Martin. Image courtesy Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Welcome to Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa, where the charm of the French Riviera meets luxury and comfort. Bask in the sun amidst 300-year-old olive groves or enjoy the vibrant atmosphere by the outdoor pool or luxury spa, which offers spa treatments in collaboration with La Prairie. Private villas provide stunning views stretching towards the warm waters of the French Riviera. Enjoy fine dining experiences, where local produce meets world-class culinary expertise. Browse prices and book here.

Half-Day Historical Provence Pont du Gard and Wine Tasting Tour from Avignon

Winetraveler Rating (over 124 reviews):

Take a historical tour in Avignon. Go deep into ancient wine cellars and learn about the history of wine production dating back to the Roman times.

Images courtesy Time 4 Provence

  • Historical Exploration at Pont du Gard: Your journey begins with a visit to the majestic Pont du Gard, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This grand aqueduct stands as a remarkable testament to Roman engineering and ingenuity. Marvel at this ancient structure while getting insight into the historical significance and the architectural brilliance that has stood the test of time.
  • Roman Theater of Orange: Next, you’ll visit the Roman Theater in Orange, another UNESCO-listed site. This well-preserved theater offers a glimpse into the cultural life of ancient Roman society. Its impressive façade and the intricate details that adorn the structure offer a vivid picture of the grandeur of Roman architecture and artistry.
  • Wine Tasting at Châteauneuf-du-Pape: While not in Provence proper, step outside of the region and visit a winery in renowned Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Here, you’ll indulge in an expert-led wine tasting session, where you can savor the rich flavors and aromas of the region’s celebrated wines.

Exploration and Wine Tasting in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence by E-Bike

Winetraveler Rating (over 15 reviews):

A visit to the quaint town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a must for any wine traveler. This historic town, the birthplace of the famed seer Nostradamus, offers so many experiences. Wander through narrow streets lined with art galleries, boutiques, and wine shops. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the ancient Roman quarry. After a day of exploration, unwind at one of the many local wine bars, where you can savor some of the best local wines paired with gourmet Provençal dishes. The town also offers archaeological sites that provide a glimpse into its Roman past, making it a perfect blend of wine, history, and culture.

Images courtesy Sun-e-Bike

St-Rémy-de-Provence Exploration: Your adventure begins in the historic streets of St-Rémy-de-Provence, a town steeped in history and adorned with medieval architecture. As you navigate through its quaint streets, you’ll be greeted with sights of beautiful old buildings and vibrant local life.

Journey to Les Baux-de-Provence: From St-Rémy, you’ll venture towards Les Baux-de-Provence, a picturesque village perched on a rocky plateau. The electric bike makes the journey a breeze, allowing you to cover more ground with less effort compared to a regular bike. The route takes you through serene roads, offering breathtaking views of the Alpilles’ rugged beauty.

Carrière de Lumière Visit: A highlight of the tour is a visit to the Carrière de Lumière, a multimedia center housed in a former quarry. Here, art meets technology in a spectacular display of light and sound that brings artworks to life in a captivating immersive experience. Your tour includes a ticket to this unique attraction, promising a visual feast that art enthusiasts and novices alike will appreciate.

Perks of this Provence Tour Options

  • Self-Guided Exploration: The freedom to explore at your own pace, with the added benefit of an electric bike that makes navigating the hilly terrain much more manageable. The supplied route map guides you to the key points of interest with ease.
  • Safety and Convenience: Your rental includes all the necessary equipment for a safe and comfortable ride, including a helmet and a detailed map of the suggested route.
  • Practical Tips for Winetravelers: Dress comfortably and be prepared for varying weather conditions. Carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated and a camera to capture the stunning views along the route.

Olive Oil and Wine Pairing Experience

Winetraveler Rating (over 13 reviews):

Enhance your wine journey in Provence with a visit to one of the local olive oil estates. Learn about the age-old tradition of olive oil production in Provence. Participate in a unique pairing session where experts guide you on how to complement the flavors of local wines with different varieties of olive oil, adding a new dimension to your wine tasting experience.

Property Exploration: Your day trip begins with a leisurely walk through the property, where you will be introduced to a variety of flora including fruit trees, vineyards, and truffle trees, as well as beehives showcasing the rich biodiversity of the region. As you stroll, soak in the vibrant hues and fragrances of Provençal herbs that adorn the landscape.

Olive Harvesting: Under the guidance of experienced locals, you will learn the art of olive picking by hand. This part is not just about harvesting; it’s an educational journey where you’ll gain insights into various aspects of olive cultivation including pruning, planting, and the process of transforming olives into flavorful oil.

Provençal Apéritif: After a morning engaging with nature, unwind with a hearty Provençal apéritif. This gastronomic delight includes a spread of pâté, charcuterie, cheese, and fresh baguettes, perfectly complemented by the property’s own red wine. As you indulge, you’ll also have the opportunity to sample exquisite homemade olive oil, truffle oil, and truffle salt.

Perks of This Particular Provence Wine Tour

  • Flexible Booking: Understanding that travel plans can sometimes change, this experience offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring a full refund. You can reserve your spot now and pay later.
  • Accessibility: The experience is wheelchair accessible. Everyone can enjoy the beauty and traditions of the Provence region.
  • Duration: Allocate at least 3 hours for this tour, allowing you to immerse fully in each segment without feeling rushed.
  • Practical Tips for Visitors: Dress comfortably for a day outdoors and don’t forget to carry a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Keep your phone or a camera handy.

Top Wineries and Vineyard Hotels in Provence

Domaine de la Citadelle

601 Route de Cavaillon, 84560 Ménerbes, France

Situated in the Luberon region, this winery is renowned for its extensive vineyards and picturesque surroundings. Explore the herb garden, which houses over 200 different species of plants, adding a botanical twist to your wine tour. The wine cellar, carved into the rock, offers a cool retreat where you can enjoy exquisite wines.

Château la Coste

2750 Route De La Cride, 13610 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France

As we discussed earlier, this winery combines art, architecture, and wine in a modern and innovative way. Apart from its organic vineyards, it features contemporary art installations and sculptures scattered throughout the property. The Tadao Ando-designed art center is a highlight, offering a blend of culture and wine tasting experiences. Try the Rosé All Day Tour experience and include Château la Coste on your Provence itinerary.

Browse Prices and Book at Stay at Chateau La Coste en Provence

Domaine de Fontenille

Rte de Roquefraiche, 84360 Lauris, France

A true haven for Winetravelers, this estate offers a varied wine tasting experience. The vineyard is surrounded by lush gardens and fields, providing a tranquil backdrop for wine tasting. Their restaurant, Le Champ des Lunes, offers a gourmet dining experience, perfectly complementing their wine selection. It’s also a luxury hotel in Luberon.

Browse Prices and Book a Stay at Domaine de Fontenille

Château de Berne

Chemin des Imberts, 83780 Flayosc, France

This prominent estate in the heart of Provence is perhaps best known for its vast vineyards and premium wines. It’s a name that’s iconic when it comes to the Provence wine region. The estate offers a range of activities including wine-blending workshops and cooking classes. The on-site hotel and spa provide a luxurious retreat, making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

Browse Prices and Book Your Stay at Chateau de Berne

Domaine Richeaume Provence Montagne Sainte Victoire

Domaine Richeaume FRANCE, 13114 Puyloubier, France

A family-run estate that prioritizes sustainable and organic farming practices. The vineyard is set against the backdrop of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, providing breathtaking views. Their wines are known for their rich flavors and complexity, a direct result of the careful cultivation practices they employ.

Domaine Terre de Mistral

Chemin du Pavillon, Route de Peynier, 13790 Rousset, France

This winery offers a holistic Provencal experience. Winetravelers can enjoy wine and olive oil tastings, guided tours of the vineyards, and even participate in grape harvests if you visit during the late summer/fall season. The estate also houses a restaurant that serves dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, perfectly paired with their wines.

Château Saint-Maur

Route D48, 535 Route de Collobrières, 83310 Cogolin, France

Located near Saint-Tropez, this estate is known for producing exceptional rosé wines. The château itself is a sight to behold, with its elegant architecture and beautiful gardens. The wine cellar offers a modern and sophisticated setting for wine tastings.

Domaine de la Mordorée

250 Chem. des Oliviers, 30126 Tavel, France

This winery is renowned for its commitment to biodiversity and environmental sustainability. The vineyards are home to a variety of wildlife, and the estate follows organic farming practices. The wine tasting experiences here are a true delight, offering a range of wines with unique and vibrant flavors.

Mas de Cadenet

D57, 13530 Trets, France

A family-owned estate that has been producing wines for seven generations. The vineyard offers panoramic views of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, adding to the charm of the place.

Domaine de Saint-Ser

D17, 13114 Puyloubier, France

This estate is known for its exceptional terroir and the production of high-quality red, white, and rosé wines. The vineyard is situated at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, offering another angle and picturesque perspective for wine tastings. The estate also offers guided tours where you can learn about the unique soil and climate conditions that contribute to the distinctive flavors of their wines.

Grape Varieties Used to Make Rosé in Provence, France

What constitutes a classic Provencal Rosé wine? What grape varieties go into these wines?

Provence has a number of major grape varietals grown throughout the region. For red wine, these grapes include Mourvedre (the main grape used for wine production here), Grenache NoirSyrah, Carignan, Cinsault, Counoise, Taniat and Cabernet Sauvignon. The white grape varietals grown are Grenache Blanc, Rousanne, Marsanne, Clairette, Bourbulene, Ugni Blance or Trebbiano and Rolle or Vermentino.

Provence has ideal grape growing conditions with its Mediterranean climate. Mild winters are followed by very warm summers with little rain fall and a significant amount of sun. In fact, this area receives double the hours of sunlight needed for grapes to grow and ripen at more than 3,000 hours of sun per year.

The Mistral winds play an important role in creating the climate of Provence and assisting with keeping the vineyards dry. This helps reduce occurrences of phylloxera by fending off bugs and pests. The winds are essentially Mother Nature’s natural pesticide!

The terroir and soil make up in Provence differs in so many ways, helping to make the wines from this region so unique. With relatively no uniformity, the lands contain limestone mostly in the West, crystalline schist and granite in the East, in addition to clay, sandstone and some volcanic soils.

The Geography & Tasting Notes of Provence

The southernmost boarder backs up to the Cote d’Azure, and in the East you have prime growing conditions on the slopes of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Vines planted on the south facing slopes are offered protection from the damaging winds that can be created by the mistrals highest winds, whilst facing the seaside absorbing the sea’s spray.

One of the most predominant features that can be found in the wines made from this region is the unmistakable aromatic bouquet of lavender, juniper, thyme and rosemary — also known as Garrigue or Maquis. Other defining notes can be that of wild strawberry, raspberry, wet slate, mint, salted watermelon and candied grapefruit.

With its dreamy terrior, sun kissed skin hued wines, and rolling plains wafting of sensual herbs, Provence makes for one of the best and probably underrated places to produce wines!

What Rosé Wines Do You Recommend Drinking?

My go to is Fleur de Mer ‘Cotes de Provence’, Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah

If you are like me and swoon over Provencal Rosé’s, consider these other regions producing ‘Pink Wines” that will make you think outside of the box.

First, drive roughly 65 miles Northwest of Marcellie. Kissing the border of the Languedoc you will find the Tavel region of France in the Cotes du Rhone, wine production here is 100% Rosé.

Tavel’s major grape varietals are similar to Provence. Cinsault and Grenache make up most of the production, followed by Syrah and Mourvedre. Here you will also find a Mediterranean climate affected by Mistral winds. In the Western part of Tavel you will find slate covered with chunky limestone. In the East, you’ll find ‘galets roules’ – round stones formed from centuries of flood waters. In the South, expect to see sandy fine-grain soils. Here the wines evoke flavors of raspberry coulee, white pepper, peach, green olive and cherry.

Other regions around the world are also making fantastic Provencal-style Rosé’s!

Try the Chateau de Trinquevedel, Grenache, Cinsault, Clairette

Let’s take a boat 90 miles from the Italian boarder into the Mediterranean Sea to the Isle of Corsica. The island is a territorial collective of France, but for many years it belonged to Italy. Many of the region’s winemaking traditions and grape varieties are Italian in origin.

Corsica’s terrain is mountainous, with soils rich in schist, granite, chalky limestone and clay. Most of the islands vineyards are perched along the coastlines. The vines receive an ideal amount of sun per year, at about 2,750 hours.

Major grape varitals grown here are the Nielluccio (ancestor of the Sangeovese), Grenache, Sciacarello and Vermentino. These Rosé’s are produced in the Saignee method. Corsican wines are unlike any you have had with the same grape make up. These wines have notes of green olive brine, fig, chamomile and plum.

My favorite Rosé is from Maestracci ‘E Prove’, Nielluccio and Sciacarello

Let’s now make our way to the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County California. Soils here consist of sandstone, loam – “Goldridge soil”, clay and alluvial.

Resting in the heart of Sonoma County near the rugged terrain of the Pacific Ocean you will find the Russian River Valley. This region is known for warm day time temperatures and brisk evening fog rolling off of the Petaluma Gap. Sonoma is famous for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and arguably put the New World on the map for these varietals.

Try the Inman Family ‘Endless Crush’, Pinot Noir of Rosé

It’s loaded with notes of wild Strawberry, watermelon, ruby grapefruit and honeysuckle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Provence Wine Tastings and Tours

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