16 Best Wineries to Visit Near Rome in 2024

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Last Updated: March 10, 2024
15 Best Wineries to Visit Near Rome in 2024 - Winetraveler

Learn about visiting several of the best wineries near Rome, plus a range of historical and culinary experiences that promise to leave a lasting impression following your visit to the Eternal City.

Surrounding Rome, the regions of Lazio, Umbria, and Toscana form a captivating landscape rich in viticulture and history. These areas serve as a bridge from the bustling heart of Italy’s capital to its serene outskirts, where the tradition of winemaking extends back to ancient times. The wine region of Lazio, with its predominantly volcanic soil, offers a distinct terroir that has nurtured the growth of both ancient and modern vineyards. Here, traditional wines like the crisp Frascati and the historical Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone share the stage with innovative organic and biodynamic ventures. This blend of old and new makes the region a fascinating destination for Winetravelers.

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Wine Tasting in Rome by the Colosseum
Yep, you can sip and swirl wine and cocktails right by the Colosseum in Rome! There are a number of restaurants and cafes that provide views just like this one. When you’re done with lunch, book a tour of the Colosseum’s recently opened underground and arena. Image courtesy Ross Helen.

The narrative of wine in these locales is deeply entwined with Rome’s storied past. The Romans were early adopters of viticulture, recognizing the significance of wine in both their social and religious lives. Today, visitors can explore this rich history firsthand. Several wineries sit near age-old ruins, offering a rare opportunity to journey through time. The ancient Appian Way, for example, not only leads adventurers to remarkable Roman archaeological sites but also to vineyards that present an amalgamation of Italy’s past and present through their wines.

Many of the wineries near Rome craft experiences that marry the enjoyment of wine with cultural discovery. Tours frequently include strolls through historic vineyards, visits to age-old cellars, and of course wine tastings in a variety of ancient and modern settings. For those intrigued by the confluence of history and oenology, numerous tours integrate excursions to ancient sites with winery visits. These experiences underscore Italy’s enduring connection to wine, offering a comprehensive view of its heritage—from sipping local wines near remnants of Roman engineering to enjoying local flavors amid the ruins of Etruscan civilizations.

Quick Tips for Wine Tasting in and Near Rome

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The Best Wineries to Visit Near Rome This Year

Tili Vini

Via della Cannella, 2, 06081 Capodacqua PG, Italy

+39 353 403 6652

Tili Vini winery in Rome
Image courtesy Tili Vini.

Located in the Umbria region, near the picturesque hill town of Assisi, Tili Vini stands out for its organic wine production. A visit here promises an engaging exploration of the winemaking process, complemented by tastings of their organic wines and locally produced food. The winery offers a variety of experiences, including wine and cheese tastings and a comprehensive winery tour​​.

Principe Pallavicini Estate Winery

Via Marmorelle, 1238, 00030 Laghetto RM, Italy

+39 06 8377 3836

Just 15 miles southeast of Rome, this winery is renowned for its historic ambiance and a focus on white wines, particularly Malvasia and Frascati varieties. The estate contains 80 acres of vineyards and olive groves.

Casale del Marchese (Frascati)

Via di Vermicino, 68, 00044 Frascati RM, Italy

+39 06 940 8932

Casale del Marchese (Frascati)
Image courtesy Casale del Marchese (Frascati)

Right in the heart of the Frascati DOCG area, this winery offers breathtaking views and is steeped in history, dating back to the Middle Ages. The focus here is on Lazio’s hallmark Frascati wine, promising a memorable tasting experience​​.

Marchese Estate (Tuscany)

Località Bandita Fraz Bettole, Sinalunga

+39 0577 624795

Marchese Estate in Tuscany
Image courtesy Marchese Estate.

The Marchese Estate in Tuscany emerges as an exquisite escape for Winetravelers seeking a luxurious villa experience amidst one of Italy’s most picturesque landscapes. Perfectly located to offer easy access to Florence, Siena, and a reasonable distance from Rome, this estate promises a seamless blend of tranquility and exploration. With amenities such as a breakfast buffet and the unique services of a private chef, guests can savor authentic Tuscan cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients, all within the comfort of their villa or beside a private swimming pool enclosed in vibrant gardens. Each meal promises an unforgettable experience, tailor-made to suit individual preferences, ensuring a vacation marked by relaxation and culinary delight.

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Beyond its culinary offerings, Marchese Estate is an ideal venue for memorable events and personal celebrations, thanks to its captivating grounds and impeccable planning services. Whether it’s a night of fun and laughter or an intimate gathering, the estate’s majestic gardens and illuminated pool provide a perfect backdrop. Activities are abundant, from cooking classes that reveal the secrets of Tuscan cuisine to exploring the Val d’Orcia hills on bike or in a vintage car, ensuring that every moment spent is a discovery of Tuscany’s rich culture and stunning scenery. For those inclined towards sports, golfing among vineyards or horseback riding through panoramic trails offers an active yet picturesque way to enjoy the Tuscan countryside, making the Marchese Estate a comprehensive experience of luxury, adventure, and the timeless beauty of Italy.

Casale del Giglio

Strada Cisterna – Nettuno, Km 13, 04100 Le Ferriere LT, Italy

+39 06 9290 2530

Casale del Giglio in Aprilia is pioneering in its focus on international varietals, transforming a challenging landscape into a flourishing vineyard. Its innovative approach and discovery of an ancient winemaking tradition on its lands make it a compelling visit for those interested in both the history and future of Italian wine​​.

Antiche Cantine Migliaccio

Via Pizzicato, 9, 04027 Ponza LT, Italy

Antiche Cantine Migliaccio
Image courtesy Antiche Cantine Migliaccio.

Antiche Cantine Migliaccio on the island of Ponza offers a truly unique wine-tasting experience. Accessible by boat, this winery combines the beauty of Mediterranean views with a rich winemaking tradition that dates back to the early 18th century, making it a perfect destination for those seeking an extraordinary wine journey​​.

Cantina Castello di Torre

Via di Torrimpietra, 247, 00054 Torrimpietra RM, Italy

+39 06 6169 7070

Images courtesy Cantina Castello di Torre.

Cantina Castello di Torre in Pietra, located in the medieval hamlet of Torrimpietra, is a blend of historical charm and modern winemaking. The estate, with its ancient palazzos and church, offers a glimpse into the nobility’s winemaking tradition, enriched by a family-run passion that spans over a century​​. You can also book a guided 4-hour day trip to the winery through the Roman countryside of Lazio and stop at the medieval village of Borgo.

Casale Cento Corvi

Via del Fosso della Tomba, 18, 00052 Cerveteri RM, Italy

+39 393 926 5306

Casale Cento Corvi in Cerveteri lies amidst the ruins of an ancient Etruscan city, offering a deep dive into the region’s storied past. This winery prides itself on its sustainable practices and rich heritage, set against the backdrop of a landscape that has drawn visitors for centuries​​.

Cantina Costantini

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 27, 00045 Genzano di Roma RM, Italy

+39 06 939 0291

Cantina Costantini winery and vineyard near Rome
Image courtesy Cantina Costantini.

Cantina Costantini in Lazio provides a fantastic experience for those looking to explore local winemaking traditions. With a focus on quality and a dedication to creating memorable wine tastings, this winery is a must-visit for enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the authentic flavors of the region​​.

Cantina del Tufaio

Via Cancellata di Mezzo, 30, 00039 Zagarolo RM, Italy

+39 328 313 9537

Cantina del Tufaio
Image courtesy Cantina del Tufaio.

This family-owned winery in Zagarolo specializes in Zagarolo DOC wines, known for their mineral-rich character. A visit includes a tour of the wine cave cellar and a chance to learn about their distinctive winemaking techniques​​.

Antiche Cantine Leonardi

Via del Pino, 12, 01027 Montefiascone VT, Italy

+39 0761 826028

Antiche Cantine Leonardi
Image courtesy Antiche Cantine Leonardi.

Located in Montefiascone, this winery is ideal for exploring the blend of Malvasia Bianca grapes with other varieties to create exquisite white wines. The estate offers several wine-tasting experiences, each paired with local meats and cheeses​​.

Fattoria La Maliosa

Fraz. di, Località Podere Monte Cavallo, 58014 Saturnia GR, Italy

+39 327 186 0416

Fattoria La Maliosa
Image courtesy Fattoria La Maliosa.

Although a bit further away, in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany, this winery is worth the journey for those interested in natural wines and artisanal production techniques. The estate produces natural wines, olive oil, and honey, focusing on the harmony with the surrounding landscape​​.

Vigna Barberini

Piazza Santa Maria Nova, 53, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

+39 06 6998 4443

An urban vineyard project within the Colosseum archaeological park, Vigna Barberini revives the ancient tradition of viticulture in Rome’s heart, offering a unique glimpse into the city’s winemaking history​​.


Via Cori Cisterna, 23, 04010 Cori LT, Italy

+39 06 967 9380

Cincinnato Winery Near Rome
Image courtesy Cincinnato.

This cooperative winery, located an hour’s drive southeast of Rome in Cori, stands out for its commitment to local varieties like Bellone and Nero Buono di Cori, producing herby whites and intense ruby reds​​. They also offer a wine resort and restaurant nearby.

Marco Carpineti

Strada Provinciale Velletri-Anzio, 3, 04010 Cori LT, Italy

+39 06 967 9860

Also in Cori, this winery is innovative with its amphora versions of local varieties and a vine maze for a multi-sensory vineyard experience. The Carpineti family’s dedication to traditional winemaking with a modern twist makes it a must-visit​​.

More on the Wine Regions Surrounding Rome

The wine regions encircling the Eternal City offer a mesmerizing backdrop to the rich viticultural heritage of Italy. With the Lazio region as its heart, the areas encompasses a variety of landscapes, from the rolling hills of Castelli Romani to the picturesque shores along the Tyrrhenian Sea. This diverse geography is home to hectares of vines that produce some of this area of Italy’s finest wines. The history of wine in this region is as ancient as Rome itself, providing a history buffs a great way to have both an ideal historical tourism experience as well as a top-tier wine tourism experience. A Rome wine tasting in the surrounding area is not just about sampling excellent wines; it’s about experiencing the legacy of centuries-old wine production that continues to thrive in modern times.

Exploring these wine regions is an adventure off the beaten track, inviting travelers to discover fabulous wines from family-run wineries and spectacular views of the countryside. If centuries-old family estates near Rome are on your radar, another winery worth visiting is the Pallavicini family estate. The largest of the estates is called “Le Marmorelle” and located in the Municipality of Rome near Colonna. This is where most of the hectares used for vineyards and olive groves can be found.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, secret food tours in medieval towns like San Gimignano, or a day tour through the ancient Appia Antica by golf cart, offer a unique blend of history, local produce, and, of course, delicious wines. The Lazio region, with its indigenous varieties and expert sommeliers, promises an unforgettable wine experience, from wine cellars to beautiful vineyards.

Grape Varieties and Wine Styles

The regions surrounding Rome are celebrated for their diverse grape varieties and wine styles. Predominantly, white wine varieties such as Malvasia del Lazio and Trebbiano Toscano dominate the vineyards, creating the backbone for the refreshing and aromatic wines of Lazio. Red wines, featuring indigenous varieties, including the hearty Cesanese and the versatile Sangiovese, offer wine lovers a taste of the rich Italian winemaking tradition. These delicious wines, ranging from the crisp white wines to the robust reds, encapsulate the essence of the local terroir. A guided tasting in a wine tasting room or at a local favorite restaurant can provide a crash course in the amazing wines of the region, including the best wine pairings with local delicacies such as Pecorino Romano.

The production of extra virgin olive oil alongside wine is a great option for those looking to explore the full spectrum of local agricultural produce. The organic farms dotting the landscape produce some of the best wines and olive oils in Italy, embodying the essence of the surrounding area’s natural bounty. Among the various wine experiences, small group tours through the hills of Castelli Romani or the province of Latina offer intimate and panoramic views of amazing vineyards and the chance to sample fine wines directly from the vino sfuso (bulk wine) tradition. Many modern Italian wine lists found throughout Roman wine bars and restaurants includes fabulous wines such as Petit Verdot, Trebbiano and Bombino Bianco.

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