Marco Sambin

The farm is located in Valnogaredo Euganean Hills Regional Park. The property covers 4 hectares overlooking a breathtaking valley surrounded by nature and tranquility of vineyards and olive trees in a typical Mediterranean environment. Marco Sambin, Full Professor of Psychology at the University of Padova, joined the production of fine wines with the training and development of young psychotherapists in his beautiful countryhouse.

The grapes are grown following the biological-dynamic method in which careful attention it is placed in the cure and protection of soil’s life. These grapes give birth to a wine, Marcus, that is pure concentrated nature and when you drink it, makes you feel good. The Marcus vines are grown on the terraced clay and limestone slopes of Mt. Versa. It is a southern slope, south, south-west facing at between 50 and 100 metres above sea level with white shales and intrusions of rosso ammonitico and pure limestone rich in flint stratifications. Significant quantities of well-structured clay allows our wines to express all their phenolic power and body.

Tasting Detail

Wine tasting in front of the Euganean hills in the terrace.

Tasting Price: 10 euros per person.

Tours Detail

Vineyard tours are available.

Tours Price: Included in the wine tasting.

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