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Villa Calicantus is the smallest winery of the Bardolino wine area. There are only 1.2 hectares of vineyards surrounded by olives trees and small woods, on the top of one of the highest hills of Bardolino Classico, 2km away from gorgeous Lake Garda.

We produce between 4000 and 7000 bottles per year, depending on the weather trend of that year. We’ve been an organic operation since 2011 and have been practicing biodynamic agriculture since 2014. Neither in the vineyards or our winery facility use any kind of chemical product.

Tasting Detail

Simple Tasting - Organic wines and homemade food.
Fix menu tasting - You`ll taste 4 organic wines with 4 homemade or local foods.
Total tasting - Fix menu tasting, guided tour to the 1840 winery and guided tour of the vineyards overlooking the lake.

Tasting Price: 2euros to 35 euros per person.

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