10 Best Burgundy Wine Tours & Tastings to Book in 2024

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Last Updated: January 16, 2024
View of the vineyards in Burgundy - Discover the best Burgundy Wine Tours to Book This Year

For true oenophiles looking to sample the flavors of the legendary Burgundy wine region, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wine tours in Burgundy to help you plan your trip and worry less about logistics. Each offers a unique, intimate and personalized wine tasting experience across several of the most esteemed sub-regions throughout Burgundy in 2024.

Burgundy is one of the most renowned wine regions in France. A true hub of vinicultural excellence. Stretching from Dijon to Lyon, it features a landscape rich with vine-covered hills and historic wineries. Famous for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Burgundy’s wines are celebrated for their depth and complexity, each reflecting the distinctive characteristics of its origin. The region is dotted with both small family-run estates and notable wine houses, each contributing to Burgundy’s esteemed reputation in the world of wines.

For #Winetravelers eager to dive into Burgundy’s wine culture, there are various wine tour options available. This year, we’re featuring several of our favorite wine tasting tours that both our staff and readers have participated in. We only include tours that offer unique, personalized experiences. From customizable itineraries to local guides sharing their intimate knowledge of the region, these tours are designed to cater to both novice tasters and seasoned connoisseurs.

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Background on the Burgundy Wine Region

Burgundy is such a legendary wine region that it’s home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Côte de Nuits, one of the most well-known sub-regions in Burgundy, is a paradise for those seeking an intimate experience with the world of fine wines. Opting for a private tour here lets you experience the heart of Burgundy. It’s home to many of the region’s grand cru estates, where you can enjoy exceptional red wines straight from ancient wine cellars. It’s particularly celebrated for its Pinot Noir-based wines and prestigious wine estates, many of which produce wines that have aging potential far beyond those based in new world wine regions.

Aside from Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune stands out as another noteworthy wine destination known for its exquisite white wine, primarily crafted from Chardonnay grapes. Here, you can participate in private wine tours with the wine producers themselves. You’ll be guided through both large houses and family-run domains, uncovering the secrets of wine production that have been honed over centuries. Each wine estate in the Burgundy region is a story in itself, often tied to the rich history of the area, including the tumultuous times of the French Revolution and the evolution of viticulture through the ages. The best ways for wine lovers to experience the Burgundy include structured day trips or self-guided tours along the wine route. Whether it’s the Golden Slope of the Côte d’Or or the heart of Chablis, each area presents a unique story of grape varieties, wine production, and local traditions.

Burgundy is not just about tasting amazing wines; it’s about soaking up the culture and history of the area. From medieval villages, the historic Clos de Vougeot Castle, to the Côte Chalonnaise, every stop is a discovery. The region’s culinary delights, like the famous Beef Bourguignon, perfectly complement bottles of Pinot Noir. Venture past the stone walls of ancient domains, and into the heart of local life, enriched with fine wines, great food, and a treasure trove of history.

Best Wine Tours in the Burgundy Wine Region to Book This Year

Wine Tours from Dijon

Burgundy Tour with Wine Tastings from Dijon

Go on a journey through Burgundy’s exquisite wine landscape with Authentica Tours, offering a small-group experience from Dijon that’s tailored specifically for serious #Winetravelers. This excursion goes beyond a typical tasting tour. You’ll take a deep dive and gain local expertise on the wines coming out of the heart of one of France’s most celebrated wine regions.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Expertly Guided Tastings: Indulge in a series of carefully curated wine tastings. You’ll explore some of Burgundy’s finest wines, learning about the nuanced flavors, the art of vinification, and the unique characteristics that make each wine distinct.
  2. In-Depth Wine Knowledge: Gain insights into the complex world of wine pairing and production. A knowledgeable guide will dive into the intricacies of Burgundy’s winemaking process, explaining the influence of terroir and the subtleties of local grape varieties.
  3. Intimate Group Setting: With a cap of just eight travelers, this tour ensures a personalized experience. It’s the perfect setting for in-depth discussions and a chance to ask your guide those burning wine-related questions.
  4. Scenic Vineyard Explorations: Travel through picturesque landscapes, from rolling hills lined with vineyards to historic estates. The beauty of Burgundy’s countryside serves as a stunning backdrop to your wine tasting journey.
  5. Convenient Transportation: Let Authentica handle the driving. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wines without the concern of navigating back to Dijon. Comfortable transport ensures a stress-free day, allowing you to fully immerse in the experience.
  6. Culinary Pairings: Understand the symbiosis between wine and food. You’ll be guided through pairing Burgundy’s wines with delectable local cuisine, enhancing your appreciation of how flavors complement each other.

Check Prices and Book Your Wine Tasting Tour with Authentica Tours from Dijon

Burgundy Wines Masterclass with a Sommelier in Dijon

Join The Wine Compass for an immersive Masterclass in Dijon, designed to elevate your understanding and appreciation of Burgundy wines. This comprehensive session, led by an expert sommelier, offers a blend of education, tasting, and enjoyment, perfect for both budding enthusiasts and seasoned wine aficionados.

Masterclass Features:

  1. Professional Wine Tasting Techniques: Learn the art of wine tasting, both at basic and advanced levels. Your sommelier will guide you through the sensory evaluation process, teaching you how to identify and articulate the complex flavors and aromas of Burgundy wines.
  2. Burgundy Wine Classification: Dive deep into the intricate classification system of Burgundy. Understand the significance of appellations, and learn how to decipher labels to appreciate the pedigree and quality of each wine.
  3. Exploration of Grape Varieties: Discover the key grape varieties that define Burgundy’s wines. You’ll discuss the characteristics of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and their unique expressions in this region.
  4. Rich History and Wine Regions: Uncover the fascinating history of Burgundy’s winemaking tradition. Your somm will take you on a journey through time, highlighting how historical influences have shaped the region’s vineyards and practices.
  5. Food and Wine Pairing: Master the art of pairing Burgundy wines with food. Learn how to complement flavors, creating harmonious dining experiences.
  6. Viticulture and Vinification Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the winemaking process, from grape cultivation (viticulture) to the intricate steps of transforming grapes into exquisite wines (vinification).
  7. Relaxed and Informative Tasting Sessions: This masterclass is designed to be both educational and enjoyable. Tastings are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging questions and discussions.

Book Your Burgundy Masterclass Tasting Experience with The Wine Compass

Visit Domaine Bourgogne – Guided Wine Tasting by Dufouleur Frères

Go on a refined journey into Burgundy’s winemaking tradition by visiting and tasting at Domaine Bourgogne, led by Dufouleur Frères. This tasting session is an invitation to explore both vines and wines under the guidance of a local expert, an oenologist with a state diploma.

Experience Highlights:

  1. Expert Guidance by a Qualified Oenologist: Your experience will be led by a local oenologist, whose extensive knowledge and passion for wine will enhance your understanding of Burgundy’s winemaking process. This expert guidance offers a deep dive into the intricacies of vine cultivation and wine production.
  2. Premium Wine Tasting: Partake in a tasting of six premium wines, carefully selected to represent the quality and diversity of the Domaine. Whether at the bar or in the tasting room, depending on your group size, this experience promises an intimate and enlightening exploration of flavor and aroma.
  3. Wine Purchase and Shipping Options: Following the tasting, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your favorite wines. Choose to take them with you immediately or arrange for shipment directly to your address, whether in France or internationally, allowing you to relive the experience at home.
  4. Leisurely Exploration of Château Grounds: Conclude your tasting by taking in the serene beauty of the Château grounds. During opening hours, guests are welcome to stroll and relax in the picturesque surroundings, reflecting on the exquisite tastes and knowledge gained.

Book Your Private Wine Tasting Experience at Domaine Bourgogne with Dufouleur Frères

Côte de Nuits Wine Tours

Half Day Private Wine Tour in Côte de Nuits

Experience the essence of Burgundy’s prestigious Côte de Nuits region with a half-day private wine tour, meticulously crafted by Authentica Tours. This exclusive journey is an invitation to explore the heart of Burgundy’s famed Grands Crus Wine Route, offering a blend of historical insights, exceptional wine tastings, and scenic beauty.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Château du Clos de Vougeot Exploration: Discover the historic Château du Clos de Vougeot, a monumental piece of Burgundy’s wine heritage. Originally established by Cistercian monks, this site offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s winemaking past. Learn about traditional winemaking techniques and the evolution of viticulture in this storied location.
  2. Gevrey-Chambertin Private Tasting: Alternatively, venture into the charming village of Gevrey-Chambertin, known for its exceptional wines. Here, enjoy a private tasting session that showcases the depth and elegance of the region’s wines, guided by knowledgeable experts who will enrich your understanding of Burgundy’s unique terroir.
  3. Expert Guidance from a Professional Guide: Throughout your tour, benefit from the insights and anecdotes of your professional guide. Their expertise will enhance your appreciation of the wines and the region, providing a comprehensive understanding of Burgundy’s winemaking traditions.
  4. Chauffeur-Driven Comfort: Travel in style and safety with a chauffeur-driven tour. This not only ensures a relaxing experience but also allows you to indulge in wine tastings without the worry of driving.
  5. Morning or Afternoon Flexibility: Choose from morning or afternoon departures (if departing from Dijon), offering flexibility to fit this enriching experience into your schedule.
  6. Exclusive Private Experience: As a private tour, you and your party will enjoy a personalized and intimate exploration of Côte de Nuits. This bespoke approach allows for a tailored experience, catering to your group’s preferences and interests.

Book Your Half Day Private Wine Tour in Côte de Nuits with Authentica Tours

Beaune Wine Tours

Burgundy Bike Tour with Wine Tasting from Beaune

Venture out for a captivating day with Bourgogne Velo Evasion’s Burgundy Bike Tour from Beaune. This tour offers a unique journey through the stunning Côte de Beaune vineyards, coupled with insightful wine tastings and cultural explorations.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Chateau de La Rochepot: Begin with a scenic ride beside this magnificent castle, offering a perfect photo opportunity. No entrance is required here, just a brief pause to admire its beauty.
  2. Domaine Famille Picard: Discover the history of winemaking at Domaine Famille Picard with a visit to cellars dating back 14 centuries and indulge in a wine tasting session.
  3. Puligny-Montrachet: Enjoy a leisurely lunch stop in this charming area, one of the most esteemed zones for Chardonnay production. Plus, sample local cuisine in a picturesque setting.
  4. Pommard: Conclude your tour with a wine tasting around Pommard, Volnay, or Meursault, all acclaimed communes within Burgundy, showcasing some of the best wines Burgundy has to offer.

The tour includes bike and helmet rental, along with a transfer to the starting point. It ends back at the meeting point, making for a convenient and enjoyable day out.

Get More Details and Book Your Tour with Bourgogne Velo Evasion

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Truffle Hunting and Tasting Experience in Burgundy from Beaune

Uncover the secrets of truffle hunting in the picturesque forests of Burgundy with this unique “Discovery of the World of Truffles and Tasting” experience offered by Maison aux Mille Truffes by l’Or des Valois. This adventure is not just about tasting; it’s an insightful journey into the fascinating world of truffles, from forest to table.

Experience Highlights:

  1. Informative Briefing on Truffles: Begin your truffle journey at the Maison Aux Mille Truffes, where you’ll receive an enlightening briefing on truffles. Learn about different truffle varieties, their culinary uses, and the intricacies of truffle hunting.
  2. Truffle Hunting Adventure: Venture into the woods with Julio, the happy truffle-hunting canine, a vital part of this unique experience. Watch as Julio skillfully sniffs out these hidden treasures, offering a live demonstration of how truffles are discovered in their natural habitat.
  3. Taste Truffle Products: After the hunt, return to your starting point for a delightful tasting session. Here, you’ll have the chance to sample a variety of truffle products, understanding the subtle flavors and ways to use truffles in cooking.
  4. Learn from a Local Expert: Your guide, a local truffle expert, will share insights and stories about truffle hunting, providing a rich context to the experience. Their knowledge makes this adventure both educational and entertaining.
  5. Small Group for a Personal Touch: With group sizes capped at 10 participants, this experience ensures a more intimate and engaging atmosphere. This smaller setting allows for personalized attention and the opportunity to ask questions and interact closely with the guide and Julio.

Book Your Truffle Hunting Experience in Burgundy with Maison aux Mille Truffes by l’Or des Valois

Burgundy Grand Cru Route Day Tour with 10 Wines Tastings in Family Domains from Beaune

This full-day excursion by FRANCE INTENSE is an ideal way to experience the diversity and richness of Burgundy wines, set against the backdrop of stunning vineyards and historic domains.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Extensive Wine Tastings: Enjoy a series of 10 wine tastings across multiple family-owned domains. These tastings provide a comprehensive overview of Burgundy’s wine variety, allowing you to savor the distinct flavors and aromas that make each wine unique.
  2. Chateau de Vougeot Tour: Explore the historic Chateau de Vougeot, a landmark of Burgundy’s wine heritage.
  3. Small-Group Experience: Traveling in a small group ensures a more personalized and intimate journey. This setting is perfect for engaging with your guide and fellow wine enthusiasts, creating a friendly and knowledgeable atmosphere.
  4. Educational Insights: Gain valuable knowledge on how to identify and appreciate the various types of Burgundy wine. The tour is designed to be educational, providing insights into the complex classification system of Burgundy wines and the intricacies of the winemaking process.
  5. Convenient and Comfortable Transport: Enjoy the comfort of traveling in an air-conditioned minivan, allowing you to relax and focus on the experience. The organized transport also saves you the hassle of planning how to navigate between the scattered wineries.

Book Your Burgundy Grand Cru Day Tour with FRANCE INTENSE

Chablis & Northern Burgundy Wine Tours

Private E-Bike Wine Tour in Chablis Vineyards

Private E-Bike Wine Tour in Chablis Vineyards

Discover the enchanting Chablis vineyards in a unique and dynamic way with Cycle Divin’s Private E-Bike Vineyard Tour. This guided experience offers an intimate and exhilarating exploration of one of Burgundy’s most famous wine regions, blending scenic rides with educational wine tastings. Ideal for more active Winetravelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Guided E-Bike Journey: Start your adventure at the Boileau Baptiste Alexandre Marien, where you’ll meet your guide and hop onto your e-bike. The electric bikes provide a smooth and effortless way to traverse the picturesque vineyards of Chablis, making the tour accessible and enjoyable for all fitness levels.
  2. Scenic Vineyard Routes: Follow popular paths through the vineyards, leading you to some of the highest peaks in the area. These vantage points offer stunning panoramic views of the Chablis region, providing a spectacular backdrop for your adventure with plenty of photo opportunities.
  3. Exclusive Wine Estate Visit: Experience a private tasting at a renowned Chablis wine estate. This visit allows for a deeper appreciation of the local winemaking process, from grape to glass, and the chance to taste some of the finest wines the region has to offer.
  4. Learn Winemaking History and Culture: As you ride and taste, your local guide will share insights into the rich history and culture of winemaking in Chablis.
  5. Complimentary Alcoholic Beverages: Enjoy a selection of complimentary alcoholic beverages during your tour. These tastings are thoughtfully chosen to represent the best of Chablis wines, enhancing your understanding and enjoyment of the region’s vinicultural heritage.

Book Your Private E-Bike Vineyard Excursion of Chablis with Cycle Divin

Full-Day North Burgundy and Chablis Wine Tasting Tour from Paris

Staying in Paris but want to visit Chablis? No problem. Wine Tours Paris offers a delightful full-day excursion that whisks you from the city to the heart of North Burgundy and Chablis, a region celebrated for its exceptional wines. This tour is an exquisite blend of scenic vineyard explorations, enlightening wine tastings, and authentic culinary experiences.

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Tour Highlights:

  1. Diverse Wine Tastings in Chablis and North Burgundy: Indulge in a variety of wine tastings throughout the day. From the crisp whites of Chablis to the elegant reds and delicate rosés of North Burgundy, each tasting is an opportunity to savor the distinct flavors and aromas that make these wines globally acclaimed.
  2. Wine-Tasting Lunch at a Family-Run Winery: Experience the warm hospitality of Burgundy with a wine-tasting lunch at a local, family-operated winery. This meal isn’t just about savoring delicious food; it’s a chance to see how wines complement local cuisine, deepening your appreciation of Burgundy’s culinary traditions.
  3. Educational Vineyard Tours: Learn about the intricacies of French winemaking, including the crucial concept of ‘terroir’ – how the soil, climate, and local environment shape the character of wine. This tour provides insight into the art and science behind some of France’s finest wines.
  4. Scenic Round-Trip Transport from Paris: Leave the bustle of Paris behind as you enjoy the scenic journey to and from the wine region. The comfortable round-trip transport ensures a relaxed and worry-free experience.
  5. Intimate Small-Group Setting: With the tour limited to just eight participants, you’re guaranteed a personalized and engaging experience. This smaller group size allows for more direct interaction with your guide and fellow wine enthusiasts.

Book Your Wine Tour of Chablis from Paris with Wine Tours Paris

Burgundy Wine Tour from Paris in Chablis with 3 Wineries, Cellars and 12+ Drinks

If the Wine Tours Paris tour is sold out, which happens fairly frequently, don’t worry—Blue Fox Travel offers a similar and highly-rated alternative with their Burgundy Wine Tour from Paris in Chablis. This tour presents an equally exceptional opportunity to explore the renowned Burgundy wine region.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Day Trip to Burgundy: Depart from Paris for a full-day excursion to the heart of Burgundy. This tour is a perfect blend of education, tasting, and exploration in one of France’s most famous wine regions.
  2. Visit Three Diverse Wineries: Discover the variety and richness of Burgundy by visiting three different wineries throughout the day.
  3. Expert-Led Wine Tastings: Enjoy three expert-led tastings, where you’ll have the chance to sample a range of wines, including reds, whites, rosés, and even sparkling varieties, which are much more uncommon in Burgundy.
  4. Lunch in Medieval Chablis: Take a break in the historic town of Chablis for lunch (at your own expense). This charming medieval town offers a range of dining options where you can enjoy local cuisine and get to know the region’s gastronomic culture.
  5. Meet Local Winemakers: Gain valuable insights into the art of winemaking by meeting with local winemakers. Meeting with the wine producers themselves is one of our favorite aspects of this tour, providing a true connection to the passion of production in the region.
  6. Intimate Small-Group Experience: With a maximum of eight people, this tour ensures a personalized and intimate setting.

Book Your Chablis Wine Tour from Paris with Blue Fox Travel

Burgundy Wine Region Travel Logistics & Luxury 5-Star Vineyard Hotels

Traveling to the Burgundy wine region is quite accessible with various transport options. The nearest major airport is Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, offering both international and domestic flights. Another viable option is the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, which provides an extensive range of global connections. We recommend checking the best deals for your travel dates and book your flights with Skyscanner.

Upon arrival, Dijon and Beaune serve as the primary gateways to the Burgundy wine region. In these cities, you can rent a car for the greatest flexibility, particularly for visiting more remote vineyards. While public transport, including trains and buses, is available, it may not cover all vineyard areas comprehensively. Dijon is well-connected with a train network, including high-speed TGV services that link it to other major French cities. You can check routes and time tables from various train stations here.

Where to Stay in Burgundy

If you’d prefer to post up in Burgundy for a few days for a romantic retreat, consider these distinctive vineyard hotels in different towns and communes:

  1. Abbaye de la Bussiere in La Bussière-sur-Ouche: This luxury hotel, set in a beautiful 12th-century abbey, features elegant rooms that blend romantic and traditional elements. It’s well known for its Michelin-starred restaurant, offering a top-tier gastronomic experience​​.
  2. Château de Vault de Lugny in Avallon: This impressive 13th-century moated château is situated in picturesque grounds within the Burgundian countryside. The hotel provides lofty bedrooms oozing old-world charm and offers mouthwatering dining options​​.
  3. La Borde in Leugny: A quaint, ivy-clad five-star property set deep in the Burgundy countryside. The rooms here showcase exposed beams, stone walls, fireplaces, and whirlpool tubs. The hotel also features a pool, tennis court, and a small spa, perfect for relaxation​​.

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