Free Wine Fountain in Italy Now Open To The Public

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Last Updated: October 29, 2023
Wine Fountain in Italy | Dora Sarchese Wine Fountain in Abruzzo |

Italy’s First Free Wine Fountain Unveiled in Abruzzo, Italy

As if you needed another reason to visit Italy — Dora Sarchese Vineyard recently announced that they have built Italy’s first-ever wine fountain, pouring wine for free around the clock. As enticing as that is, Abruzzo, which is found along Central Italy’s Eastern shoreline of the Adriatic sea, is also one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.

This really is a first for Italy, but it’s not the first wine fountain found around the Old World (I had found a wine fountain during a visit to Ronda, Spain at an ancient Roman winery). In fact, this particular wine fountain was inspired by Bodegas Irache, another winery located within Navarra, Spain.

The concept was brought to life by Dora Sarchese owner Nicola D’Auria and his architect Rocco Antonini.

The main difference between Italy’s wine fountain and some of the others throughout Europe is that it will consistently flow with wine. Not only will the tap be continuous, but drinking the wine is also free.

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As the fountain was only recently unveiled, for the time being, it will mostly flow during special events and occasions. However, it won’t be long until the fountain will flow continuously and visitors to Abruzzo can stop for bottomless glasses of delicious, locally produced wine.

Drink Wine out of a Fountain found at Dora Sarchese Vineyards in Aburzzo, Caldari di Ortona, Italy |
The wine fountain was conceptualized by the owner of Dora Sarchese Vineyards, Nicola D’Auria, and his architect Rocco Antonini. It is placed along a popular pilgrimage route called the “Cammino di San Tommaso,” which connects Rome to Ortona — where St. Thomas’ remains were laid to rest. Image courtesy Dora Sarchese Vineyards.

Wine Fountain Announced Following Harvest

Harvest in the Northern hemisphere is a special time for wine enthusiasts. In a timely fashion, Dora Sarchese announced the unveiling of the fountain following their event on October 9th – “Dora and always,” which is when their Montepulciano Nitae grapes are both harvested, crushed and ultimately fermented.

Chieti Province in Abruzzo, Italy - Dora Sarchese Vineyards Wine Fountain |
“La provincia di Chieti,” within Abruzzo is a vinifies over 3 million tons of wine grapes annually. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes (red) and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo (white) are both produced. Dora Sarcheses’ new wine fountain will flow with red Montepulciano wine. Image courtesy Dora Sarchese.

Where To Find Italy’s Wine Fountain

Fittingly, the Dora Sarchese wine fountain can be found within Caldari di Ortona in Abruzzo. The specific location was picked carefully, as the fountain essentially lies on an ancient pathway named for St. Thomas, the “Cammino di San Tommaso.” The trail had connected Rome to Ortona where ultimately St. Thomas himself was buried.

Spiritually-minded individuals have traversed the path for years, and the concept of introducing a wine fountain along the trail is an invigorating thought for those looking to embark on a pilgrimage or simply take a visit to this beautiful location in Italy. You can find several stunning hotels to stay at in the Abruzzo area here.

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