10 Best Red Wine Sangria Recipes To Try

After searching and tasting countless red sangrias, we narrowed down the top 10 recipes that we determined to be the best of the best. These must try red wine sangria recipes are fruity yet well balanced. They’re also easy enough to make for a single serving or as a party punch. See a list of our favorites below along with the ingredients for each.

Blackberry Red Wine Sangria

Blackberry Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Red Wine Sangria for Summer | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Red wine, Tuaca, Blackberry mix syrup, Cranberry juice, Sprite. Want the full Blackberry Red Sangria recipe? It’s easy! Click for the whole sha-bang!

Pomegranate Green Apple Red Sangria

Pomegranate and Green Apple Red Wine Sangria | Ingredients to Make Red Sangria | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Dry red wine, Apples, Oranges, Pomegranate seeds. Sounds good? Check out the complete recipe for this delicious sangria!

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Skinny Red Wine Sangria

Skinny Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Skinny Girl Sangria | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Light red wine, Strawberries, Pineapple, Oranges. Click for the full Skinny Girl Red Wine Sangria Recipe.

 Lemon Fig Red Wine Sangria

Lemon Fig Red Wine Sangria | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Light red wine, Orange liquor, Strips of orange zest, Cinnamon, Ground ginger, Chopped figs, Sparkling wine. Want the full Sangria Cocktail Recipe? Check it out here.

 Raspberry Peach Red Wine Sangria

Raspberry Peach Sangria | Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipes | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Red wine, Peach schnapps, Pomegranate juice, Lemon, Peaches, Oranges, Lemons, Raspberries Raspberry flavored vodka. Checkout the complete Raspberry Peach Sangria recipe here! 

 Classic Red Wine Sangria

Classic Red Wine Sangria Recipe | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Dry red wine, Brandy, Lemon-lime soda, Oranges, Granny Smith apple, Green grapes, Limes. Want the full recipe? Take a look at this timeless classic Red Wine Sangria recipe

 Strawberry Red Wine Sangria

Strawberry Red Sangria | Best Red Sangria Ingredients | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Red wine, Strawberries, Pomegranate juice, Club soda. Click for this Easy Red Sangria Recipe.

 Frozen Red Wine Sangria

Frozen Red Sangria Recipe | Red Wine Sangria Ingredients | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Dry red wine, Orange liquor, Lime juice, Mixed berries, Oranges, Sweetener. Click for the full Frozen Red Wine Sangria recipe!

 Cranberry Orange Red Wine Sangria

Cranberry Orange Red Sangria Recipe Ingredients | Easy Red Sangria Recipes | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Red wine, Orange liqueur, Spiced rum, Cranberry juice, Brown sugar, Ground cinnamon, Cranberries, Red apples. Mmmmm… refreshing! Click for the full recipe!

 Roasted Cherry Red Wine Sangria

Roasted Cherry Red Wine Sangria | Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipes | Winetraveler.com


Ingredients: Red wine, Rose, Cherry flavored liqueur, Cherries, Oranges, Sweetener. This Roasted Cherry Sangria is perfect for the Winter season! Check out the complete recipe here.

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