TRANSIT farm is situated in Fara Vicentino in the D.O.C. Breganze hills. It covers a total surface area of 20 hectares, 10 of which are under vine, 8 dedicated to horse breeding and 2 to olive groves. These form the backdrop to an old-fashioned farmhouse, restored to its original splendour with complete respect for tradition, in whose cellars the most highly prized wines are aged.

An old farm house dated 1910, and all the adjacent land are today renewed bringing back the former splendor and a charming atmosphere. The proprietor’s dream of returning to live in contact with nature in full compliance history and traditions brought him to create a fine not ostentatious mansion, where every stone, piece, wood has a story to tell. A welcoming, warm, casual but at the same time where artistic lighting, furniture and objects have come from all over the world: “Tradition and openness to the world.”

TRANSIT farm works exclusively with the grapes from their own vineyards collected in a hilly area from the volcanic soil. The winery, of which the family are also proprietors, is where the work of the winegrower and the harmony of the fruits of the vine come together and are transformed by the sensitivity of skilled oenologists into aromas, flavour, elegance and complexity. Within Transit Farm there is a stable of horses, you can see stallions, mares and foals free to move within the precincts, free to show their beauty.


Visit to the estate and winery, tasting and pairing with local food and a visit to the stable of horses.


This winery offers event space on their property. Learn about hosting weddings, private parties, company meetings or custom events.

This winery is popular among visitors for its Horseback Riding experiences. Horseback Riding can be an enjoyable activity at various vineyard sites and countryside locations around the world.

This winery includes lodging on or nearby the property.

This winery offers wine tastings on the property either by walk-in or appointment.

Wine Styles

  • Dessert Wines
  • Dry Red Wines
  • Dry Sparkling Wines
  • Dry White Wines
  • Sparkling Wines
  • Sweet Wines
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