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Small is beautiful – that is what best describes Austrian wine, when put into international perspective. There are no run of the mill wines, but rather a rare speciality.

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While the Cakebread family name is most notably associated with Napa Valley, Dennis Cakebread has been exploring opportunities in wine making elsewhere as well. In an effort to expand his reach within the wine industry, …

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Budapest is high on many travelers’ bucket lists. After all it’s well-known for its romantic and picturesque architecture along the Danube: Parliament, Castle Hill, and numerous suspension bridges all of which are stunning day and …

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Arguably the most note-worthy wine growing region in all of Canada, the Okanagan Valley, BC (British Columbia) not only offers Winetraveler’s a chance to taste wonderfully refined Pinot Noir and Ice Wine — the landscape …

10 Most Unique Napa Wineries You Need to Visit

Editor’s Note: This guide to 10 of the best off-the-beaten-path wineries to visit in Napa Valley is written by Winetraveler contributor and founder of Uncorked Adventures, Mark Aselstine. Mark has toured Napa extensively and offers …

7 Best New Zealand Wine Regions to Visit

New Zealand is divided into two parts. The North Island, which is slightly warmer and has a larger population compared to its Southerly neighbor. And the South Island, which is a bit cooler and is home …

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Vineyards Around the World

Seasonal wine travel offers adventure and culture enthusiasts an opportunity to taste history. Every season offers a different perspective, but the best time to visit a vineyard or winery depends on your personal travel preferences. …

7 Tips For Planning Your Dream Wine Country Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is a special newlywed experience that should reflect true love – and not just for each other — but for wine as well! Many wine regions in the world are tranquil and …

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