5 Sangria Recipes Perfect For the Fall Season

These Sangria recipes are great for holiday or autumn gatherings that everyone will enjoy.  All recipes mentioned below are easy to make for large groups – just add ingredients into a pitcher or punch bowl and you’re good to go!


Fireball Sangria

Fireball Sangria Recipe | Winetraveler.com

Spice up your fall Sangria cocktail with Fireball (a cinnamon flavored whiskey).  It tastes just like candy…with a kick! Surprisingly smooth, everyone will enjoy this delicious fall cocktail!


  • Red wine (1-2 bottles, depending on party size)
  • Fireball Whiskey (1 handle)
  • Mangos and Oranges (2 of each)
  • Cinnamon sticks for garnish


  • Mix red wine and Fireball into a large pitcher
  • Slice Mangos and Oranges: Add to pitcher
  • Let the mixture sit in the fridge for least an hour
  • Garnish each drink with a Cinnamon stick

**Depending on the size of the punch bowl or pitcher you’ll be utilizing for this Sangria recipe, make sure you use the Fireball sparingly.  The cinnamon flavor of Fireball whiskey is a great concealer for the alcohol, so don’t overdo it!

Apple and Pear Sangria

Apple Pear Sangria Recipe | Winetraveler.com

Most of us picture a holiday cocktail with heavy ingredients. Try something a bit lighter and less traditional with this light, refreshing Apple & Pear Sangria recipe that still sticks to the fall/holiday theme!


  • Dry, crisp white wine (1 bottle)
  • Lemon flavored liquor (.5 Liter)
  • Green apples (2)
  • Pears (2)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice (1.5 oz)


  • Mix wine and liquor into large pitcher
  • Add freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Thinly slice the apples and pears — toss in pitcher
  • Let the mixture sit in the fridge for at least an hour
  • Add ice to pitcher and serve!

Pomegranate Sangria

Pomegranate Sangria Recipe | Winetraveler.com

You can never go wrong with a mixture of red wine and brandy. This autumn cocktail may look like a complicated recipe at first, but surprisingly it’s just a few simple steps and you’re done! Your guests will be impressed & satisfied with this delicious version of sangria!


  • Red wine (1 bottle)
  • Brandy  (1 handle)
  • Pomegranate juice (.5 liter)
  • Orange Juice (.5 liter)
  • Oranges (3)
  • Pomegranate seeds (from 3 Pomegranates)
  • Cinnamon sticks for Garnish


  • Mix liquors and juices into large pitcher
  • Slice oranges and take out seeds from pomergranates
  • Add slices and seeds to pitcher
  • Chill in fridge for at least an hour
  • Garnish each glass with a Cinnamon stick

Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria Recipe | Winetraveler.com

This classic autumn Sangria cocktail is always a hit as we approach the holiday season. If you want to keep it simple, this is an easy recipe with an ingredient that everyone already loves!


  • Sparkling or regular white wine (1-2 bottles, dry white preferable)
  • Apple cider (1 liter)
  • Apples (4)
  • Pomegranate seeds for garnish


  • Mix wine and apple cider into pitcher
  • peel and slice apples then add to pitcher – Stir
  • Let it sit in fridge for at least an hour
  • Add pomegranate seeds to each glass for garnish

Sparkling Autumn Sangria

Sparkling Autumn Sangria Recipe | Winetraveler.com

This is another fall drink recipe that strays away from the heavy ingredients used in most traditional holiday cocktails. Using autumn fruits helps keep the fall theme with a light, refreshing taste!


  • Sparkling white wine (1-2 bottles)
  • Cran – Apple Juice (1 bottle – I use Ocean Spray brand found at most grocery stores)
  • Apples (2-3)
  • Peaches (2-3)
  • Cranberries for garnish


  • Mix Sparkling wine and Juice into pitcher
  • Slice apples and peaches
  • Add slices to pitcher and stir
  • Let the mixture sit in fridge for at least an hour
  • Add cranberries to each glass for garnish

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