5 Best Greek Islands to Visit for a Honeymoon in 2024

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Last Updated: January 22, 2024
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Greece: Islands and Wines to Explore

Considering having your honeymoon based in Greece this year? It’s arguably one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe. Learn about 5 of the best Greek islands to visit perfect for couples looking to have the ultimate romantic experience. Plus, we recommend various wines from Greece to sample in each city or island.

A honeymoon is one of the most special trips of our lives, but the best honeymoon experiences are undoubtedly those that come with a glass of wine. If you and your spouse are wine connoisseurs, you may have already been to some of the world’s premier wine destinations and are looking for a new destination to visit for your honeymoon. Why not head to one of the Greek islands

Best known for its beautiful beaches and a laidback lifestyle, Greece is also famous for its delectable wines. But given the myriad of wine producers throughout the country, deciding where to go for your honeymoon may not be easy. To help you with this, here’s a guide to the Greek Islands and wines to explore during a honeymoon.

Agiorgitiko in Athens

Best Greek Islands to Visit for a Honeymoon
The old town Plaka in Athens, Greece.

Athens is an intriguing city that’s home to some of the country’s most iconic sites, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis, which offer a glimpse into the ancient world. Combine this with world-class restaurants serving the finest wines, and you’ve got the perfect destination for your honeymoon. 

When wining and dining in Athens, treat yourselves to a bottle of Agiorgitiko. Similar to how Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted red grape in the United States, Agiorgitiko is Greece’s most-planted red grape variety and can be crafted in a wide range of styles. Although many of the red wines in Greece are rich and decadently heavy, Agiorgitiko typically features a light and refreshing taste when coming from the Greek region of Nemea. Of course, there’s more to discover in Athens than its ancient sites and world-class restaurants. You will find plenty of nooks and crannies to explore in the city and lively markets and bazaars that sell just about anything you can think of.

For a truly romantic honeymoon experience in Athens, hike up Mount Lycabettus to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. At 300 metres above sea level, the mountain opens to panoramic views across the Aegean Sea and the Attica basin. For a worry-free experience, consider hiring a private guide for a full-day tour.

Gris de Nuit (Rosé) in Kos

Visit Kos Greece for a Honeymoon
From ruins to Rosé, Kos makes for the perfect Greek honeymoon destination.

Kos is an island of pebbly coves, pearly white beaches, interesting ancient ruins, and flower-filled highland villages – a true honeymoon favorite of all the Greek islands. There are many things to do with your loved one on a trip to Kos, but as wine lovers, your honeymoon will probably be centered around visiting vineyards and tasting the finest wines. 

Winemaking in Kos dates back to the early days of ancient Greece and is strongly associated with the island’s history. But over the last few years, the island’s wine industry suffered a continuous downfall. Nevertheless, there are still many great places in Kos to enjoy delicious and succulent wines, such as the Gris de Nuit (Rosé). These wines feature gentle pink and salmon hues, with fruity blossom aromas and jasmine and rose notes.

Between exploring vineyards and tasting wines, visit the island’s beautiful villages and beaches. Or better yet, hire a skippered boat and go on an island-hopping day cruise to explore the nearby islands. Kos also offers plenty of coastal hiking trails and forest walks for active couples who love to go on romantic hikes.

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Assyrtiko in Crete 

Crete Greece Honeymoon Packages
Waterfront dining with a glass of Assyrtiko and local seafood on Crete.

Crete offers some of the most private and secluded luxury resorts in the Mediterranean, making it one of the best destinations for a honeymoon. Many of these resorts offer sublime honeymoon packages complete with every indulgence imaginable. But if you’re here for the wine, you certainly will not be disappointed. 

As an up-and-coming wine region, Crete has an abundance of wineries where you can sample the most delectable wines. Whether you’re a wine lover or not, visiting these wineries should be on your list. But, if you don’t have the time to tour these wineries, there are many other ways to enjoy wine in Crete. The island is home to many seafood restaurants serving local cuisine that pairs perfectly with Assyrtiko wine. This dry but fruity wine is the perfect accompaniment for fish and seafood delicacies, especially fried snails, a popular Cretan delicacy.

If your nights are spent wining and dining on the island, you can spend your days lounging by the beach, horseback riding, hiking, or exploring archaeological sites with an expert guide.

Champagne in Santorini

Santorini Greece Honeymoon
Consider pairing Champagne (or any wine) against the backdrop of the island of Santorini.

Santorini is a little slice of Greek heaven lying at the southern Aegean Sea. The crescent-shaped island effortlessly exudes seductive charm and romance, with charming, whitewashed villages, black sand beaches, and beautiful sunsets. Best of all, the island openly welcomes all kinds of visitors, making it a popular destination for couples seeking gay Santorini honeymoons.

There are many ways to enjoy your honeymoon in Santorini. Wander hand in hand through its beautiful streets, walk past its famous windmills, and make your way up to a rooftop restaurant with views overlooking the glistening Aegean Sea. Order a glass of Champagne and toast to celebrate your love for each other. Champagne is the perfect wine for couples honeymooning on the island, and almost every restaurant on Santorini has it on their menu.

When you’re not relaxing on one of Santorini’s black sand beaches, you can spend the day exploring ancient sites. At the opposite of the island, you’ll find the ruins of Akrotiri, a settlement from the Bronze Age that was destroyed during the Theran eruption and covered in volcanic ash.

Prosecco in Paros 

Paros Greece for a Honeymoon
The typical whitewashed alleys with colorful flowers at Parikia on the island of Paros, Greece, during summertime.

Paros is another idyllic Greek island that’s a popular destination for honeymooners. It’s famous for its beautiful sandy beaches lapped with turquoise blue waters and its quaint but traditional villages linked by Byzantine footpaths. 

Parikia, the island’s capital city, is a vibrant town lined with excellent restaurants and fantastic wine bars where you can order a glass of Prosecco wine. But if you prefer to enjoy your wine in seclusion, rent a secluded villa in Paros and finish a bottle of Prosecco with a fish dish by the sea! 

Whether you prefer to spend your honeymoon enjoying wine, delving into the island’s ancient roots, or lounging at its beautiful beaches, Paros is bound to become one of your favorite Greek islands. The island is so beautiful that you could find yourselves coming back over and over again.

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