5 Top Wine Bars To Visit Across New York City

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Last Updated: September 27, 2021
5 Best New York City Wine Bars You Must Visit • Winetraveler

New York City is a special place. Foreigners dream of visiting and Americans frequently return for nostalgia’s sake. I truly do believe it’s the greatest city in the world. Sure the subway is packed and the streets are crowded, but hey, this is New York City. Someone is probably going to swear at you for no reason but it’s all part of the experience. From the culinary scene to the historic landmarks and museums, everything you could possibly want or do in a big city is accessible here.

Wine is no exception. And finding wine from almost any region around the world is likely a short walk, cab or Uber ride away. The wine bar scene is amazing and diverse. There’s something for everyone from both a budget and aesthetic perspective. As a frequent NYC culinary explorer, here are my Top 5 New York City Wine Bar recommendations to date.

5 of the Best Wine Bars To Visit Across New York City


Founded by female Master Sommelier Laura Maniac Fiorvanti, Corkbuzz wine bar has two locations with one conveniently placed in Union Square. Complete with a wine list that can stand up against most Michelin Star restaurants, Corkbuzz also has a James Beard-nominated wine education program. They routinely host wine education classes at both their Union Square and Chelsea Market locations.

Chelsea Market  

Union Square

Morrell Wine Bar

Adjacent to their high-end wine shop, Morrell Wine Bar is home to Anna Christina, their resident Somm and wine director. They boast a fantastic wine list of both iconic and obscure wines in a classy upscale setting right in Rockefeller Square. It’s one of our favorite stops after taking a stroll to watch the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.


Ruffian is home to the largest selection of Orange Wines in NYC. You can order wines by the bottle and by glass, paired with Eastern European-style small plates. Although the space is small, it’s an intimate setting populated with knowledgeable staff and an extensive selection of Natural Wines.

City Vineyard

Who knew views in New Jersey could be so pretty? Find yourself on Pier 26 at City Vineyard and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Their rooftop bar and music venue overlooks the Jersey City Skyline. You’ll have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines from around the world, as well as their own label sourced primarily from grapes in New York and California. City Vineyard is known for their excellent service and unique atmosphere. They also have a full menu of casual American fare.

La Compagnie

This Downtown New York City wine bar has a rustic cozy vibe mixed with an element of chic and modern. In addition to a hip wine list that focuses on French wines and Mediterranean-style food pairings, La Compagnie hosts “Wine Bootcamp” classes. Topics range and are taught by several of their very knowledgeable staff members. You can also host private parties in their small event space.

We hope this shortlist will provide inspiration and guidance for your next trip to New York City. In true Winetraveler fashion, keep uncorking new experiences and let us know some of your favorite New York City wine bars in the comment section below!

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