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On the slopes of Mount Orphan, a jewel in a wonderful treasure, you can find Castello Bonomi, the only Château in the Franciacorta area.
The Castello Bonomi estate takes its name from the original Art Nouveau building designed by the architect Antonio Tagliaferri at the end of the XIX century.

The name “Franciacorta” has its roots in the Middle Ages, when these lands were entrusted to small community of Benedictine monks that started the cultivation of vineyards and the wine making.

The ancient cellars have been repaired and new ones have been built, so that Castello Bonomi has got 1500 square meters of cellars. In the air-conditioned cellars the white wines, the red ones and Franciacorta DOCG are refined in French oak barriques.
The temperature of the steel basins for the fermentation and the maceration process is controlled, the bottles are automatically corked and labelled, there are peristaltic pumps and wine presses. The annual production of the company is 120 thousand bottles.

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The estate organize tours to the cellars and tastings of Franciacorta wines and typical local products.

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