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Like wine? Enjoy exploring new places? Here’s how to get started. Every day, thousands of both veteran culture travelers and newcomers to wine tourism stumble across our itineraries and travel guides.

On this page, you’ll find a number of countries and trip styles that are currently trending amongst our readership. From more well-known wine regions like Rioja in Spain, to hidden European wine island gems like Ischia in Italy, prepare to get inspired. Alternatively, you can browse our directory of unique wine tours around the world right here.

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I try to travel at least 3 times a year to a new place. Planning a trip without knowing where to start can be very time consuming. Winetraveler gives me hundreds of trip ideas and saves me from needing dozens of other websites. I’ve had amazing experiences in new regions in Italy and Croatia so far that I would never have considered otherwise.

Popular Trips, Travel Styles & Experiences

If you prefer to plan your travel around a particular style or time period, such as a 3 day weekend, food-focused trip, outdoor adventure or family-friendly experience, here’s what’s trending.

The blend of travel and wine truly imparts a new perspective on the mind. You’ll never look at travel the same way again. After my first solo trip to several undiscovered wine regions in Spain, I won’t plan any future travel without somehow incorporating wine. The team at Winetraveler understands travelers like me, and has helped point me in the right direction for wine trips across Austria, Switzerland, Georgia and Washington State so far.

Wine is a hug in a bottle that makes travel that much more enjoyable. Winetraveler’s wine club has completely opened my eyes to epic destinations and memories that seem to just keep getting better. You need to get in on this.

My husband and I like to take our wine trips slow and not rush around too much. We were able to find some low-key but upscale experiences across Tuscany thanks to Winetraveler. Now we’re looking at planning a trip to Walla Walla in Washington State.

Winetraveler Tips: Did you know that Winetraveler has a wine club? If you’re interested in undiscovered wines from around the world with a little travel inspiration on the side, Pre-Register today for deliveries to your door!

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